My gpu % is running 30 to 40%. Why?

My computer is about 6 months old. Strictly built this computer for flight sim 2020. It is a I9 9900KS. With A EVGA 2080 SUPER FTW3. 32gb ram 32000mhz. 2TB SSD. And a ASUS MAXIMUS XI M.B.There are days where I have 30 to 40 fps settings on high on 1440p. Now I’m get my gpu down to 30% with 15fps. And it doesn’t matter what my settings are. It is so aggrivating. Any suggestions? And ask my firmware is up to date.

CPU limited scenario then. the CPU can’t feed enough data to the GPU.

Check processor intensive settings like ‘glass panel refresh rate’ (should be medium or low), traffic density (turn AI / multiplayer off to test).

Heavy photogrammetry areas and large / complex custom airports are CPU hogs as well, especially at large render distances.

If you’ve downloaded loads of custom sceneries (especially google-earth ripped off area mods); those are terrible (not optimized at all). Get rid of those.

Also check that newly installed NVidia drivers / experience haven’t messed with your settings.

Could also be a mod you’ve added maybe.

Couple of questions:

  1. How are you measuring GPU usage? MSI Afterburner?
  2. Can you paste/link to a screenshot of GPU, CPU and memory usage while you’re bottlenecked? (with the overlay on, of course)

If you have other games, it might be useful to check if it happens in them too.

I use nvidia GeForce experience. Hit alt z. And you can do your gpu info. Well guess what. Today it is working fine. But it is an ongoing situation. As of right now. It’s at 98%. I just wish it would stay like this. And I play DCS WORLD a lot too. And also it happens with the game. It seems like it only happens with flight sim games. Kinda messed up. But thank you for the fast response. I’ll write back if anything changes again.

yep, probably better off removing NVidia Experience.
If you absolutely feel you need it, make sure it doesn’t override your ingame settings (and check this hasn’t changed every time you update drivers).

Thank you for getting back to me. I know you wrote a couple of weeks ago. How do you check your cpu for that info? Thank you again.