My GTN750 MOD for more supported aircrafts

woah, thanks a million for the C172 Taildragger addition !

You asked in the comments on about the link to the Bushleaguelegends planes. Somebody else asked about them. I like those as well.

Somehow the link is weird to post over there.

Here it is :slight_smile:

Ok. I try to add it at the next update. If I do forget it, just remind me. I am old^^.

A good lesson for me! When your advice above failed me, I checked for updates of the Bogalu Cessnas, and found that one needs to be using only fresh add-ons! Now everything I have works, including the X-Cub and Bush Leagues 215 hp X-Cub, as well as the Turbo Bonanza, the three Carenado PA aircraft, the King Air, and the C172 G1000.

All the X-Cub GTN-750’s remain in the little altitude/barometer window, is that correct?

Again thanks. I’m loving the King Air now.

P.S.: Yes, the X-Cub Test Pilot Livery version works as well.

One last greedy thought – I’d really appreciate a GTN 750 in the JMB VL-3. Thanks again. Also happy to see the Test Pilot Livery works with the GTN 750 now in all the standard aircraft that can handle the GTN 750. Terrific, I though you just fixed the X-Cub!

I will try to enable the GTN750 in more aircrafts. If it is possible in the JMB then it will come.

@JayDee6281 I am one of the team on the G36 Improvement Project (V0.62, World Update 4 compatible) G36 Improvement Mod.

Is there anything you need from us to make your mod compatible with our mod? A few people have asked for the implementation. :slight_smile:

Fantastic work!!

Hi, no I dont need anything. But since there is a panel.cfg already in the PMS50 GTN750 base mod specific to your mod, i had not prioritized your mod. But it will be coming with the next version of my mod. I guess saturday.

Btw. Big fan of your G36 Mod. Kind regards.

Kind Regards


How does this look?
This would be the best solution in my opinion, because the hard buttons are disabled in the GTN750 mod and cannot be use. The original GTN750 mod has instead a black column between the engine gauges and the map and i found that not esthetically.

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Am I correct that your mod 0.11 no longer works with DA62X mod 0.4.1 from June 15? No matter what I do, I get the G1000 only. Same if I load the PMS mod/DA62X directly, so I assume something changed in the DA62X Improvement Mod.


there was a problem with the GNS750 package. new compatible version is on the PMS50 discord

Really? Thanks very much.

The DA62 x is now a seperate aircraft in the SIm. I have this in my mind and will update my mod asap. Kind Regards JayDee

I understand that at the rate these aircraft change, you could end up doing nothing else but updating/adjusting your own work. We are nonetheless grateful!

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Yeah sorry for messing that up. I had no idea how the mod worked (never used it :grimacing:)

Im gonna be doing the same for the DA40. If i remeber to tell you when I update it, i will.

Name will be “DA40NGX” and the folder structure will be “DA40_NGX”, so you guys can prepare.

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No “sorry” allowed— we really appreciate all you do!

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Personal Comments

@JayDee6281 - would there be any updates required to your mod to work in SU9? I’m trying to troubleshoot why the GotGravel Vertigo isn’t working with PMS GTN750 anymore. PMS updated the GTN for SU9 compatibility, but I’m still getting a blank screen on the MFD. It was working in SU8, just checking to see where the troubleshooting should focus on. If you have a Discord or off-board channel, happy to ask there. Thanks.

I dont play the beta, but I only mirror the screen of the GTN750 to other textures. I will look into it, when SU9 arrives.

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Hi Folks - not new to Jaydee’s mod, and I’ve got it working on several planes including the Carenado V35. But for some reason, I can’t get it to show up on the C170B. Any tips or hints appreciated, thanks!



I unfortunately dont own the 170. Other people had problems to. Is the Screen Black?

Nope, it just keeps showing the default Acera GPS.

Strange that it works in the Carenado V35 though.