My King Air 350i Mod version 2 (adjusted Torque/Range/BaroKnob/GearDrag/BankLimiter and more)

I uploaded version 2 of my King Air 350i Mod to NexusMods - KING AIR 350i - Improved Experience Mod v2.0 at Microsoft Flight Simulator Nexus - Mods and community


  • Better Torque/Altitude Behavior
  • decr. Fuel Consumption/incr. Range
  • Standby Baro-Knob Sets Main Baro
  • Yaw Damper activates on AP ON
  • working Bank Limiter (Off 30° On 15°)
  • Bank Limiter toggles automatically @18.500 ft
  • more gear drag, less ground torque effect
  • more responsive VSI
  • incl. Uwijimayas better lighting mod

Regarding Fuel Consumption and Range:

I decreased fuel consumption by 10%. But for max. range you should really use economic power settings of around 50% torque. this cuts fuelflow in half and you only loose about 25% speed. If you still don´t get ranges of appr. 1.500 NM for max.power cruise or appr. 1.800 NM in 50% torque cruise, let me know by how much.

I also want to share a very short reference chart for the KING AIR 350i for beginners, that initially I made for myself, but maybe someelse finds it usefull.
Link - File on MEGA

Kind Regards


After watching too many Youtube vids. I find that you can set fuel levers to 35% and leave them there. Unless you want to go in reverse then you need the extra power.

I feel that in my soul! :rofl:

Thanks, for the mod AND the reference chart! Very handy.

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Hmm, after I installed this mod, I was unable to use the ALT knob for the AP. After uninstalling the mod it went back to functioning correctly.

I’ll put this on my “toTest List” Thanks

Oh, I have to check the Alt Knob. I did not change anything regarding this, but I always use keybindings, so I didn´t tested this one in particular. Thanks for the feed back.

Do You have to register to download

For NexusMods, yes.
They have plenty of mods there, so it should be worth it if you’re interested in modding.

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ALT Knob is working fine for me with my mod. Just to be clear: You mean the Altitude Selector Knob under the ALT HOLD Modus button?

Yeah, you have to register for free. But you don´t have to be premium member to download mods.

Well, I installed it again to double-check, and now the knob is working fine. Must have had a weird bug happening that just needed a restart. Sorry about that! Looking forward to trying out the mod.

No Problem. keep giving feedback though.

I added a Beta 3.0 Version:

  • changed max. weight to 15.000 lbs
  • AC is little more powerfull at slow speed (for instance take-off) and a little bit less powerfull at high speed. So full weight take-offs should feel better (shorter runway used) and an full power cruise max TAS is nearly 312 KTAS, like it should be.
  • slightly decreased VS Speeds, so that climb should take a little longer
    Please try it out and give feedback!!!

Would like to try this, but not from Nexusmod…


Does this (or any other King Air mod - if there are other mods) work with the latest update?

I was still using this Mod the day after the patch came out and didn’t notice any conflicts.

I suspect Asobo made changes to the weight and balance and flight dynamics in the last update. When using the mod, the plane now feels very tail heavy on the ground. I need to do more testing but I dont remember this from before.

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Reloaded king air 350i mod 3.0 thinking the latest update glitched it, but same problem. I no longer can remove the yokes. The click spots show up but they don’t respond. I have restarted my PC, reloaded MSFS twice but no luck. This issue is not present in other models I fly such as TBM 930. Never had a problem before the updates. Has ASOBO tinkered with this model? Better to leave his up to community. Seems every update breaks something that worked previously. Any one else having this issue since the latest update? The yokes block the switch panel so I can’t engage lights/anti-ice etc.

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Agreed. Looks like the mod is indeed broken by the latest update. A similar thing happened to the Caravan mod, but was fixed by the mod developer.

I think too much has been updated (flight model, 3d model, etc) for the 350i mod to be used.

Hopefully it gets some further attention by those who have the skills.