My laptop always runs hot when running MSFS 2020

Hi there, What is causing my system to always run hot? I have an HP Envy 15 -ep0098nr laptop with 16GB Ram. I can’t remember what my CPU IS other that knowing it’s an i7 @2.60 GHZ - 5GHZ and my graphics card is an RTX 2060… Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Oh also how do I check my CPU temp and GPU temp?

MSFS is computationally expensive, so it stands to reason that your computer is working hard to do all the work of simulating the flight physics, render the graphics, etc.

Your laptop knows how hot it can get before it’s an issue and will manage itself accordingly.

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Thanks for the reply…I was thinking because of the minimum of the Ram and the low RTX version that I have. Unfortunately I can’t add more ram and update my CPU and Graphics card.

Most laptops can’t handle heat very well, there is not much room for heatsinks and fans.

It’s pretty normal that even gaming laptops get hot after a short period of max usage.
It should be fine, but if the temps are critically high, it might negatively affect the longetivity of the components.

Make sure to put it on a hard surface to allow air circulation under the laptop.

If the laptop is older, sometimes it’s useful to open it and see if the fan exhaust might be dusty and also, if you know how to do, replacing the thermal paste sometimes helps.
I just did both on my office laptop and got it quite a lot cooler this way.

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Nice laptop!

Are you sure you can’t upgrade memory?

Memory RAM & SSD Upgrades | hp - compaq | envy 15-ep series | ENVY 15-ep0098nr |

For cooling, you may try this also:

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According to HP support ,They told me that the ram was soldered in and couldn’t be upgraded…Now I don’t if that’s true or not. Now according to Crucial I can upgrade the ram…I don’t know who to believe.

On this video, you can see that it should be very easy to open the back cover, the 2 memory banks are clearly visible, and NO, memory is not soldered :pray:

:hammer_and_wrench: HP Envy 15 (15-ep0000) - disassembly and upgrade options - YouTube

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Thanks so much for the truth of information…I don’t know why they told me a lie about the Ram…But thanks so much for the link and information.

My pleasure

As a laptop user too, happy to help others!

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For temps monitoring (and many other) install HWinfo64.

Clean up your laptop inside, renew thermal paste.

Give your Laptop some extra space below for better airflow.

Laptops are extremely dense packed and with the load that the sim produces - they go hot, naturally.

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Maybe they were talking about VRAM which is indeed soldered if you have a discrete GPU.

Updating RAM won’t help for the heat issues for sure :wink:

You didn’t mention if it has an SSD - if you have an HDD, it could add temps as well. Not significant, but enough for raising the total.

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Hi @Coppersens I have an Samsung 970 EVO Plus 512GB SSD.

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What Coppersens says is the salient answer here.

For all manner of devices from amplifiers to computers, heat is the big enemy!
And laptops - where space is at a premium - generally struggle to dump enough heat. Particularly when under full load over extended periods.

So, as Coppersens has already intimated, don’t use your laptop on a soft surface like a bed or a carpet.
To do so will cover up one or more intake or exhaust ports and exacerbate the problem.
For example, my mum likes to use her laptop on her lap [I know]. So, to get around this problem she uses a tray. Easy!

Another thing to do is to make sure all the ports are clean and free of dust.
With the laptop plugged in, use your hand to find out which is the exhaust port on the case and monitor it when in use. Does the exhaust flow increase when the fan noise increases? If not, you may have a blockage caused by a build up of dust. You might be surprised how bad this build up can get.

Beyond all the above, there is not much more you can do without opening the case. Not something I would recommend for the novice.

Do you know someone knowledgeable you can trust to open it and clean and maintain it for you.
This is a job I have done many times over the years, usually for free. But avoid taking it to a specialist if you can! Most companies will charge you £50 or more just for a diagnosis!

Just be aware, laptops generally run quite hot so you may not have any thermal issues.

I hope this somewhat rambling piece helps.

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You can buy a stand with built in fans to help cool it. But never blow a external fan into the exhaust port.

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