My personal opinion on MFS as a new simmer

Personally for me i’m not disappointed with this sim, maybe because its first sim i ever played, its opposite i’m enjoying so much of it, and started do deep dive into the aviation, also i think it really depends person to person, some people get overhyped, for example when people seen trailers, or dev videos and started to compare to leaked videos with low settings, a lot of people started to complain how bad game looks compared to trailers, but they never thinked oh maybe that person have a bad pc, and that’s why it looks so bad,But instead people head dive into conclusion without logic thinking.

Also you expecting that kind of a big game, who tries simulate real winds, weather, flight dynamics, and much more to be with 0 bugs on launch day?? cmon even games much smaller scale have glitches, bugs, exploits, mmos on launch day have problems with servers and need class nerfing and much more, so if you are gamer you def seen games with problems on launch day, so why cry so much for such a big scale of a simulator, i think you need to blame only yourself to over expecting so much from day 1, yes it has lots of bugs, but is it playable yes it is, you just need and wait patiently until its going to be fixed, if you unhappy go back to xplane 11, p3d and play them, but no need to bash this new flight sim, its def a good one, but we need and wait for fixes.


Peew what a wall of text. Hard to read. Would help with some linebreaks, just sometimes :wink:

But on topic you are absolutely right.

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I agree MSFS 2020 is an amazing piece of software. But I think many of the more experienced flight simmers here (I’m not one of them, btw) are also correct to express severe criticisms of the software’s deficiencies, particularly with regards to the internal systems of most of the default aircraft. These guys are perfectly at home flying ‘study level’ aircraft and - I think understandably - they feel a little aggrieved that most of the default airplanes are not yet up to that standard.

I’m not disappointed with MSFS 2020, but I do see that it has (to borrow a Paul Simon lyric) ‘further to fly’ in its development. As a ‘statement of intent’, and a playable tech demo at release, I think it’s genuinely marvellous. Truly impressive. I got what I paid for. How often do we ever get to say that these days?

Five years from now, assuming MS stays good to its word and maintains funding to the developers, I confidently hope to see MSFS 2020 very substantially improved, refined and transformed into the flight simulator it clearly wants to become.

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Welcome to the flight sim community. It can be nasty at times as you’ve seen here. :wink:

Enjoy your time and don’t hesitate to ask question. Or to read manuals. :grin:

Cheers and patience to all mankind,

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why so much discontent?
It’s not complicated, when the trailer was announced, the video episodes they showed, they showed the dream of all the long time simmers of FSX, P3D, X-plane and others. Everything was there, in the announcement episodes, they didn’t lie, all is there, but all badly done or with little attention, from where I think the anger of many people, you’re going to tell me that it’s just released, yes ok, but it’s been 4 years that they’re working on it, it may not be much in development time, but it is anyway. The most distressing thing is the complaints from the community that they don’t take into account, and that I think they’ll never take into account, maybe in a few years, but MS wrote a purely commercial line, and it works! then for the simmers, they don’t care, they bet on the 900 third to satisfy us as an equal of the other simulation games… I’ll have to ask my bank for a loan to pay all these people to get a game that looks like a simulator…it’s nice for VFR, but if you look at it from the loan, it’s nice! but far from looking like reality if you know the region, in many corners of the world… but it’s not their fault for that, at MS or ASOBO, just the poor photo library, or bing photogtametry… Moreover the planes in numbers, some people will say it’s a platform, it’s normal that it’s not of study level, but when we see with it that it facilitates people, for free, like the version of the 32x neo, you’re not going to tell me, that it was complicated for MS to make us operational planes, it doesn’t prevent in any case to the third party, to propose other planes… without counting the ATC, 37000 airports, but all badly done with bad buildings, bad taxiway or dated, bad parkingd, bad lights, no markings, no billboard, etc… bad weather in real time bad air traffic live and etc, etc…
I can understand, a new young or older person in the simu world who doesn’t understand so much disagreement, but for me, in the current state, until real updates, the videos and trailers have been nothing but lies, or deception.

Welcome to the work of flight simulation. I hope you really enjoy it as well as increasing your knowledge of the aeronautical world.

I’m one of those serious, long time flight simmer (since Bruce Artwick’s Sub Logic simulator that turned into the MS simulator) with real world experience. I’m retired now, but still satisfy my passion for flying with the simulators.

We welcome you and other new flight simmers into our community.

As for me, I agree that MSFS is great. I have disappointments about some of the bugs were that were released, such as a missing altitude control knob and missing features, such as VNAV. But I’m still having fun and look forward to the sim maturing over time.