My problem or MFS`s problem. Washed out and deformed terrain

As I show in the pictures, I am noticing that EVERYWHERE in the world when there are constant and extensive irregular ground deformations the following problems occur:

-As you can see, there are textures that are like deformed or washed out, as if they were badly implemented.

-It loads the mesh in front of you, "terraforming " world live

-The game loses performance even though it shows 60 fps.

These sample images of the Colorado Grand Canyon were taken with online data active and the usa world update active.

Inexplicable that after a year we are still like this.

Increasing Terrain Level of Details improves this, and Ultra terrain mesh

No change. Same problem.

This looks like the morphing issue that‘s been heavily discussed since the US update (at least by the community, unfortunately not so much by the devs). I really hope they address this soon.

Each world update “destroy” de vfr flying experience.

Please see this thread and vote here.