My problems solved by new Joystick

I had been having all of the same problems reported. Auto Pilot randomly disengage, erratic flight profile and all the crazy stuff that I have seen on some of the forums.

I had a Microsoft joystick that was pretty old, I would re calibrate it and it would work for one flight and then back to the same problems.

I purchased a new 40.00 joystick and all of my issued have resolved. The programs is spectacular and runs perfectly so far. I basically only fly the props so I can’t speak to any of the more complex aircraft and I offer this only as a possibility for some having the same issues.


That’s great! Thanks for sharing.
Which joystick have you bought? (could be useful for others)


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I bought the Logitech Extreme 3d Pro on Amazon 39.00. I want to invest in a Yoke and throttle combo but I just had a feeling that the old joystick was causing random input and didn’t want to spend a lot of money testing a feeling. So it has been three days and 2 to 3 flights a day with not a problem. Probably won’t be every ones solution but who knows it may work for some.

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Really glad you solved the problem. I think I was one of those who may have suggested previously that you may have issues with the joystick.

To be honest I think many don’t understand why a good quality joystick is vital in this sim. Lower quality and older joysticks unfortunately can develop jitter. This is especially true if they are potentiometer based which is what most low to medium end joysticks are. Also older joystick may lose their linear progression, causing jumps or random movements.

That jitter when paired with higher sensitivities can cause all sorts of issues. Whilst there are software tricks to solve this, all software tricks effectively do the same thing as when you applur a blur filter to smoothen noise in a photo. Whilst it may reduce noise it can also remove detail.

When the noise and jitter is great, or if the linear response is faulty you cannot work with it anymore.

I actually purchased a thrust master t16000m flight pack prior to FS2020 release as I knew my existing Logitech force feedback pro joystick was already exhibiting problems (it is 15 years old)

The 16000m uses hall sensors which are less effected by noise and more sensitive than potentiometers, and have as such never experienced some of the issues others are experiencing with AP turning off and such. But I am sure after a few years it will start to develop issues.

Anyway hope you are now enjoying flying again!

Great observations.

This sort of issue along with some basic checks (such as emptying the community folder, using the modern flight model, checking controller sensitivties and removing duplicate control assignments) will, I suspect solve 90% plus of the aircraft control issues that people seem to be having.

My last zendesk ticket number was 73,056 - I wonder how many of the other 73,000 tickets that Asobo have are really pilot error?

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That’s great news! I have been waiting for this stick to become available. NO idea when they will actually have any in stock anywhere tho…

Duplicate flight control inputs was cause of a high % of the AP issues.

If an old stock is the problem, deadzones should solve it.

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Glad OP fixed issues. I have a 10 year old 3D Pro and it’s being replaced by Virpil VFX grip and TM50 base with bracket. Think that will make my flying more enjoyable. Going to hope the HC Throttle quadrant arrives around same time, as no throttle on JY, so keyboard for that if necessary. But have felt current JS has been some of my problems since sim was released. If’s ok in FSX, but MSFS not so much.