My rpm gauge is not working on the C152X Mod

I Just downloaded the C152X mod but for some reason the rpm gauge on far right does not work, its always stuck at zero. Everything else seems to work fine. any advice?

Are you using a custom skin for the aircraft and if so do you see the same problem with the original skin ?

Here is what i did, i opened up the SimObjects folder, airplanes, then just put Asbo_C152X Folder in my community folder and now it works so i don’t quite know how that worked.

the solution is there:

it seems there are no more updates on that project and the repo owner is not releaseing any updates/fixes.
too bad, it was looking very promising and still is my favourite C152 mod.

There is an other mod that keeps improving: GitHub - DRF30q/C152X: C152 Realism Mod for Flight Simulator 2020

you probably meant

Yes, you are right, my mistake. Sorry for the confusion.