My Simple Setup

Simple but very functional! Multi monitor support will be amazing when it happens someday! Making it work with what I got!


How did you display the G1000 in a different monitor?

I’m quite impressed by your setup.


Thanks! Hold done the right alt key and when the mouse is over the screen in the cockpit a magnifying glass symbol will show. Click on the screen and it will pop out and then you can move it to other screens. There’s still some issues because multi monitor support is a thing yet. I fly the x cub about 98% of the time so did the setup around that for now.

Thank you dbub.

Coincidentally I saw Russ Barlow show the alt key trick on his latest video this morning. He is overlaying 2D controls with the beta of Air Manager, that supports FS2020.

Hopefully there won’t be a fps hit. I use a GTX750ti, only 2GB but it works well with Xplane 11.50 (Vulkan)

I’m planning on Air Manager for 2D and Mobiflight for encoders and switches.

The Thrustmaster Airbus throttle and sidestick are on my wish list.



Nice. Used a lot of his videos for my xplane setup above last year. Will be using air manger when it’s out of beta too.


What are you using to hold your joystick? Looks pretty simple but effective.

That looks really cool! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

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Just a piece a sheet metal I bent a few times. Drilled it to hard mount the joystick and just a couple threw bolts to the desk. Perks of a full machine shop at work. Now that I know it works it will get painted and trimmed some this week.

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comment afficher la vue de face sans avoir obligatoirement le cockpit virtuel s’afficher?

All I did was move the camera up and forward till it was in that spot. Just have to keep adjusting till you get it perfect

Yes i have done it but this is a zoomed view . It is not the true view from a cockpit.
With fsx we can open with 3 windows a 180° view with 3 video projectors. This is what we need when we have built a complete cockpit

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I’m really hoping that proper multi-screen will be supported before too long, plus moving the panel to a separate screen (or even turning it off). :small_airplane: :smile_cat:

Yes. It’s in the list so hopefully sooner than later. And more support for button mapping so I can finish building out the xcub panel I’m starting.

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Rocker switches, starter key, usb boards and 10 inch touch screen arrived today!

New 10in monitor hooked up and works great. Switches wired and starter for testing and panel build later in the week!

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The 10" screen works nicely; I wear reading glasses so 12" might suit me.

I noticed you have larger touch monitors. Do you find them more flexible for multiple aircraft?
Russ Barlow told me you really need two 22" or 24" touch screens to model a 737 with Air Manager.

I sold both of my 22 inch monitors. Bought because of Russ’s videos but with my current setup they were to large and sat to high. 15 is prob a good sweet spot for ga planes. 22 tho yes are good size for the larger. I fly only the xcub right now and don’t plan on using air manager too much anymore. Hoping to be able to map out all the functions of the xcub eventually to physical buttons. The planar 22 in screens I had were perfect tho and highly recommended them.

My little corner… :flight_departure: :airplane: :airplane: :flight_arrival:


Apologies bdub for hijacking your thread, I was looking at the ‘post your setups’ thread then yours and I posted in wrong section. :man_facepalming:t2:

As a side note, I dabble a little with RPi. how different is the Ardunio?
I’d love to have a crack at building a few rotary knobs and switches.


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No problem at all! The boards I’m using for the switches that I haven’t gotten to making the panel for yet are just joystick encoder boards. Haven’t gotten the ardunios yet as the scare me wiring and coding them lol. When I move on to some rotary stuff I’ll have to get the nerve to tackle it.