My take on SU5, the positives and negatives

Hi all, I know there are a lot of threads regarding this update that occurred but I wanted to chime in and give my takes on what is good and what went wrong.

Like many, I have been enjoying the performance improvements that came with this update. Butter smooth 60fps, very little to almost no stuttering, a much more responsive UI, and much more faster load times. These where all welcome additions to the sim, has made the experience a lot better and the gripes of when it launched a bit much better.

Now on for the negative aspects. Of course with these performance improvements came compromises, and I mean a lot of compromises. The LOD and texture quality are no longer there no matter who much you change your config files, many CTD due to many 3rd party aircrafts or scenery being incompatible with the new sim update such as the FlyByWire, and do not even get me started on the change of controls that they introduced due to the launch of the Xbox version. Sadly after seeing many screenshots and videos of the massive changes that came from SU4 to SU5, the visual difference is night and day. I truly am upset as well that they completely downgraded the graphical fidelity of the sim. They should of kept a PC version and Xbox version of this sim, not try to combine it all in one. This is what happens when you try to factor in the lower common denominator into the equation. This did not only occur on SU5 but slowly by slowly saw the fidelity lose its magic time after time during SU3+4. However the transition to SU5 just made it into a completely different sim, with the colors also feeling a bit off.

Just like many others, I wish to see the sim come back to the way it was prior to SU5 in regards to the graphical fidelity, hell even give us the sim that we had before SU3. I know we can change this around you guys as a community and have them roll back everything to how it was. We need to show them that they can’t just switch things up on us like it is nothing and that we wont notice or mind. Faster UI and much faster loading times, cool that is amazing. Touch the original control schemes and severely downgrade the sim in looks and feel, now we are gonna have problems.

Would love to see all your guys thoughts on this and truly come together and pressure them into reverting at least the PC version back to the way how it was.


Agreed! If you wanted an Xbox sim, then you should’ve made an Xbox sim, instead of messing with this one!


I am satisfied with SU5. Major improvement all round on my rig (I have a 10700KF, RTX2070S and 32GB RAM). I never was able to have a smooth flight with the FBW a320 and 787-10 with live traffic/multiplayer on. I am on the other side of the fence hoping that they do not revert to earlier SU.


Well not completely revert back but give the players the option to have the fidelity of SU4 or even better from what we had in SU3.

I’ve only been an occasional user of MSFS in the last year and even I noticed the graphical downgrade.

It looks so much more like a really souped up FSX now (in terms of terrain and scenery in the distance at any amount of altitude).

It’s really disappointing.

Obviously the performance is nice - but hard to swallow when it’s at the expense of what was THE amazing thing about MSFS from when it was first announced (graphics/scenery)

The reality is that most of us aren’t using MSFS because it’s a better simulation of the planes or the airliner environment (at least not yet) – both XP and P3D excel at different areas in these regards.

We were here for being on what is hopefully the next generation platform…

Nuking the graphics - the one massive competitive edge MSFS had - is a bad bad thing to do.

I agree that Asobo should give options or sliders for users to choose over visuals or performance or balance between them. They should know what they have changed so instead of changing in the background without users knowing, they should have provided additional options/sliders for user to use to adjust. This is my 2 cent opinion.

@MrAnnihilat0r : my thoughts exactly. Thank you!

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