My testing on HOTFIX2 (Quest2 VR)

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My testing on the new (HOTFIX2):

Went from LFSB to EDDM.
A32NX FBW - Development version (1eddc59)
32Gb Ram
I play only on VR (Oculus Quest 2)
(Before this hotfix no matter what I was doing I always got CTD on this particular flight from LFSB and a32nx.)

After the hotfix2:
Flight was perfect, no problems at all.
Quality changed a bit on the ground (for good) while flying and watching from the cockpit’s windows.
I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO FLY after all these days! :heart_eyes:
Near the ground at 6500 ft. quality is much better, at least for me on the VR headset.
No CTDs at all.
I will try more flights tomorrow changing the settings to increment quality.

Thank you Asobo for all the hard work you are putting on this game!

Great to hear

Barajas to Barcelona flight this morning…

Just after takeoff radio went crazy and started a new IFR clearance message to Barcelona (What? I already transmitted the IFR clearance message!)

A few minutes later… Crash to Desktop with a message in windows: Memory Exception 0x0000 or something like that.


No worries, I will be patience on this, will retry a new flight tomorrow.
It might be the A32nx version, do We need a new 0.6.3 FBW version of the 320 for this version?..may be

Was flying EDDS to LOWS today as part of ‘Around the World in 80 days’, about 2/3 done and also got memory exception so CTD. - and running the beta! Forgot to take a screenshot of the message as so annoyed as it was about a 90 minute flight. Hope they know about it.