My thoughts about WU4

To date, England and Ireland are my favorite VFR playground because of the quality of the textures. My personnal satisfaction evaluation is 95%. But about WU4 it’s another story. I traveled on any POI (they are fantastic, well done), visited most of the 4 countries and my personnal satisfaction is only 60%. I’m really disappointed about all textures flaws everywhere. One place is just awesome as 5 miles further, lot of bad textures. It’s the same in WU2 USA, lot of flaws about aerial imagery.

I just don’t understand how come Asobo take time to make those WU without replacing the aerial imagery. Because if the photos are not replaced during a WU, how many years we will have to wait for a revamp of the aerial imagery in the same area ? I’m questionning myself, how Asobo can make money if all update are free ? Wouldn’t be preferable to make WU payware and be sure to have excellent ground textures ? So I don’t expect very much of the next WU now. I’m glad Orbx will make regional pack to enhance England, Ireland, Canaries island.

I live in Canada and first my house is not there because too old imagery. I just hope the Canada’s WU will replace imagery in my area otherwise I’ll be dead before my house come true. Acutllay only low Canada is a little decent about texturing. That would need a huge aerial imagery revamp to make it interesting.


Hang in there buddy! As I see it, the sim, although not perfect, is getting better with each WU. Don’t expect to see your house ok just enjoy what it has to offer and explore the world. I live in Canada too and don’t expect a Canada WU anytime soon but I’m ok with that since there is so much more to see…

I have great fun flying this sim, so incredible. WU3 make this part of the world exactly like I would like to see worldwide. I sincerly think Asobo have to make the WU payware (says $10) but with better aerial imagery. I know the sim is getting better and better and I really congratulate Asobo for this awesome work on the sim.


The satellite imagery will be updated periodically anyways. I think I’ve heard mention of 4 times per year, not exactly sure.

To do this they run the entire world trough the AI again. Since we’re talking about petabytes of data here, they can’t do this too often.

Maybe that’s why they don’t process a (relatively small) world update area specifically.

4 times a year, not so bad. That something interesting to discuss with the developers on a futur live meeting just to get some answers about that and not only talking about bugs.


Do you think they replace satellite imagery randomly worldwide without advise us or it’s only during a WU ?


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