My Whisky collection is growing

I used to allow myself an paid add on a month when mainly using P3D, since MSFS has come along I have bought a couple of airports and the Jabiru.

Each month I haven’t bought an add on I have added a single malt to my collection instead? :tumbler_glass:

Wondering when my add on habit will overtake the whisky habit…


A good old fashioned never goes out of style.


As a predominately GA/VFR player in game there are a limited number of worthwhile aircraft fo rme but in the end I still ended up picking up the Jabiru. Bleriot, Piaggio P149, Just Flight Arrow, Fiat G91 as well as the Carenado Mooney and Carenado YMF5 . So all up seven aircraft over the 10 months the game has been out. So very little single malt for me.

Of those the P149 is my favourite and I fly with the canopy back open cockpit style anywhere auto pilot /radios are unnecessary, though the Jabiru is still my preferred choice for low and slow. The Arrow is ideal for short day trips (one or two hours) and for longer trips needing a good fast cruise speed I take the Mooney. (the Bleriot, G91 and YMF5 were all good purchases but are more fun/novelty aircraft that I may jump in once a week, if that)

You could of course drink the appropriate whisky (Speyside, islay etc) while flying in the locality that they originate.

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two fingers, vertical not horizontal

Do you add on water to your whisky, or do you drink it pure? :sunglasses:

Generally a very small amount of water depending on the strength (more for cask strength) as it loosens the chemical bonds releasing flavour and aroma. Ice has the opposite effect.

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