My Xbox Controller won't show in the Controls Option[PC]

Hi everyone,

After I installed the SU5, my Xbox Controller is not listed in the controls option panel. It’s just my keyboard and my mouse. Do you know how I can have it listed again?

I’d be so appreciated for any help. Thanks in advance!

If you’re going wireless, try plugging it in. There have been reports in a couple of Facebook groups of this happening. It no longer recognizes the wireless Xbox controller, only wired.

Thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile: Strange thing is mine is wired :smiley: Yet, it still does not recognize strangely.

Not sure why that would be. I saw posts about wireless now working, but switching to wired fixed it for them.

Have you tried switching to a separate USB port?

That’s what I did exactly. Plus I restarted the computer and plugged the controller before/after the sim is launched.

Still no go. I guess you’re also having issues with your controller right ? :frowning:

My controllers work fine. It reversed the axes on my Xbox controller, but otherwise, yoke, pedals, throttle all work fine.

My issues are wth all the planes I like flying being broken in some way, plus just general instability and crash issues.

I’m glad that at least the controllers are working well for you!

I hope there will be a quick fix for those ! Thank you so much again for your help.

Sorry I couldn’t help solve your issue.

I appreciate it anyway for taking your time and coming up with a few suggestions ! :slight_smile:

Does the controller work at all? I always have to re-pair my xbox controller after an update (blootooth) with my laptop otherwise msfs won’t see it.

Same problem here with xbox one controller using bluetooth. Now I can use the controller once I have used the usb cable.

It does work, I played another game with the controller. Not sure why it’s the case for MSFS.

Mine is already cabled but it won’t appear in the game :smiley:

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Update: I restarted my computer again and now it works. For those who are having the same problem it might work. Not sure why it didn’t at the first place though but that’s how I figured it out.

The controller works! The problem is the input buttons MSFS connects in the tutorial dont always correspond with what it says it should do

I’m glad that you have also solved your issue! Happy simming :slight_smile:

Happy flying for you as well.

My issues arent resolved. A lot of controls MSFS display in the tutorial don’t work with my xbox controller (playing the premium deluxe pc version). Now i have only done the first 2 basic tutorials and i will do some more after work tonight, but i used to have no problems with the controller before this update.
People on this forum recommended the controller above keyboard (playing on a laptop) and it was an eye opener for me. But with the huge update i did expect the controls in the tutorial to be sort of a default. Example: pressing recht and left back button only do something to the rudder while in the tut it should also has do something with looking around in combination with pushing -L- of -R- stick

I don’t know what exactly has been changed in this update which affects so much of these controllers. I always make a few test flights with my xbox controller and my buttons are already assigned since the launch. Until the latest update, they haven’t changed but for some reason, all my assignments are gone. I had to reassign them and also the calibration.

I really hope that you can have the previous controller settings before SU5 :frowning:

Sorry for the misreading I thought your problem was already resolved.

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