Mystery Localizers at Toyko RJTT

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There are two mystery localizers at RJTT, and I’m not sure where they are coming from or if this is a known bug or maybe Navigraph issue? Looking for feedback if anyone has ever seen this and if there is a fix.

I do have a Navigraph account and have the latest database installed. I have also used the RJTT add-on from from time to time, but these localizers are present in the world map even when I have that RJTT add-on removed and disabled. I also moved the RJTT add-on to the end of my content.xml file (after the Navigraph database entry) in case there was a conflict in loading order, and that made no difference.

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View RJTT in the World Map and see localizers IKL and ITL. Note in LittleNavMap picture is much easier to see.

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Not relevant.

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Notice on latest version, but not sure how long it’s been there for me.

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This is the bug reports area, so we are focused on stock sim defects only. Do those emitters appear when Navigraph is totally uninstalled? We can’t address it if it shows up in Navigraph but not in the stock sim AIRAC. Can you confirm? Thanks!

I will remove Navigraph and double check shortly. I did a quick search on their forum before posting to see if it was known, but I didn’t do an exhaustive search.

I was most interested just to see if anyone had seen this, although the bug template appears by default in this category. I didn’t want to delete it.

They are supposed to be there. Those are the localizers for the LDA approaches to runways 22 and 23.


No problem, but if it’s not in the stock sim, I have to move the thread to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities

Ah, so the IKL localizer provides initial instrument guidance for RW22 and then the pilot executes a turn and visual approach prior to landing, and ITL does the same for RW23?

Localiser Type Directional Aid Approach

LDA approaches are localiser-based approaches which exceed the runway centreline offset limitations identified in the previous section. To allow for manoeuvring during the visual segment from the localiser to the runway, the approach will be designed such that the localiser track intercepts the extended runway centreline at a distance based on the offset angle; that is, the greater the offset, the further from the threshold the interception will occur. The localiser offset angle will determine whether or not straight in approach limits can be published or if the procedure will be designated as a circling approach. Any procedure for which the offset angle exceeds 30° will be designated as a circling approach. For C and D category aircraft, circling approach designation will occur at a lesser offset angle. In rare cases, LDA approaches may include vertical guidance, in the form of a glide slope, and may be identified as an Instrument Guidance System (IGS) approach.

Going to assume my new interpretation is correct.

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In LNM, I have those localisers (RWY22 & RWY23) both with Navigraph enabled, and disabled.

Their width changes slightly as I believe the Navigraph data is more accurate, but they are present.

I just checked the approach plates for one of those.


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Yes, your interpretation is correct, that’s why I put the explanation for these LDA approaches above to demonstrate what they are!
They are supposed to be there.

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