đź“ŚMystic India Mountain Villages - Friday 9th Feb @ 2300UTC



Welcome to the 167th flight event with Gunpilot and a whole bunch of other like-minded sim pilots. If you have just discovered these flight events for the first time, welcome aboard and you will be made to feel very much at home with the rest of the pilots on the flight.

The only Request we make is that you arrive on the tarmac in the aircraft designated for the flight, and you join in the banter on the supplied COMMS RADIO which can be found in Gunpilot’s Discord server (click on this link to take you directly to Gunpilot’s server GUNPILOT’s Server ).

This week we sojourn into the mountains of north east India to tackle the high and rugged terrain and landing challenges that will have us having to land in some of the tightest locations we have been presented with over the past 3+ years of flying together.

You will be amazed at the locations that these mountain villages have been constructed, perched on mountain ridges with the Himalayas as a distant backdrop to add to the overall vistas we will encounter. No landings strips have been built in or near these remote villages, as has been done in PNG, so we will be forced to land in some really challenging spots that will have you standing on the brakes, sideslipping, and relying heavily on the judicious use of reverse thrust.

To add to the already challenging flight, mist lying in the lower elevations, and intermittent rain streaming up your windscreen will add to your overall cockpit workload to bring your aircraft to the final destination in 1 piece. Apart from this, the flight will be a soda (never believe it when Gunpilot says this :wink: :rofl:).

The aircraft will be the Rockwell Bronco. This aircraft type is admirably suited to this region with its ability get into and out of very tight landing zones.

Click on this link to get the Rockwell Bronco FOR FREE

*Again, a packaged up WEATHER file has been developed and included along with the flight plan, negating any need for anyone to dial in weather settings, as well as ensuring that all pilots are experiencing exactly the same weather conditions. The Weather Preset file is located in #gunpilots-events (click GUNPILOT’s Server to be taken there). Extract file into your Community Folder prior to launching your sim for the flight.

When: FRIDAY 9th February 2024 @ 2300UTC**

Where: India

Flight Duration: Approx 3hrs (depending on numbers attending)

Aircraft: Rockwell Bronco


Discord Server: GUNPILOT’s Server . Click on this link and you will be sent a very welcoming INVITE that will enable you to fully participate in the radio chatter with all the other pilots in the flight

Voice Chat accessed by clicking on Comms Radio
(GUNPILOT’s Server ). If you are going to fly with us, ensure to join into the chatter on Comms Radio. If you don’t then you will miss out on a number of challenges that are given over the radio and you will have no idea what is going down.

Mystic India Mountain Villages.lnmpln (4.8 KB)

Mystic India Mountain Villages.pln (6.0 KB)

(Remember to load the weather file to your Community folder…see above link to take you to Gunpilots discord server where you will find them in the #gunpilots-events channel).