All Images are WIP


I’ll most definitely be adding this one to my MSFS hangar when you release it. Landing will be an interesting challenge!

It still boggles my mind that it never had a windshield.
It must have been a monster to fly.

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Yeah, looking through that periscope would have been a mission on its own ! And he didn’t even consider it until Ryans boss at the time came up with the idea, imagine just having the side windows to look out of ! A true aviator and legend.

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I remember flying this in FS9 and it was quite an experience! Looking forward to an MSFS version. How’s the Redwing and baby Fury I see WIP pics of on your website also coming along?

Thanks, the Fury and the Redwing are on hold until I finish the Spirit, and I have to arrange to go and see the Redwing for extra research. I would love to be able to get the Spirit finished for the 20th May… I’m not sure which year though ! lol


Will the download come with included plans to build a to-size cramped space around my desk from which to fly it from?

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I’ve got a box with holes cut in the top and sides ready :wink:



You can see some in progress projects Craig has in development on his website in a scrolling screenshot gallery thing https://www.rara-avis-sims.com/projects There’s an Isaacs Fury in the list which is a scaled down replica of the Hawker Fury
Isaacs Fury - Wikipedia
An interesting little bird. John Isaacs also made himself a small Spitfire too Isaacs Spitfire - Wikipedia

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Yes Its an Isaacs Fury which in developing.