Nagasaki Airport(RJFU)_Airport windsock direction

I am Japanese, and my English is not very good, so please forgive me for using translation software.

This is Nagasaki Airport in Japan, and apparently the windsock is pointing in a different direction. If you have already noticed and reported this, please forgive me.

I did a comparison between MSFS and P3D at the same time. The META at the time of comparison was “RJFU 210000Z 30016KT 9000 -SHRA FEW005 BKN010 BKN025 13/12 Q1010”. Obviously, they appear to be pointing in opposite directions.

The following is the P3D at the same time. I am using “Active Sky”.

Hi there,
Sim Update 4 was supposed to fix windsocks, but this one appears to still be going in the wrong direction.
I wonder if a developer deliberately put this one 180° in the wrong direction to compensate for the bug.


it does seem that way: wind (from) direction is the compass direction of the sock, when it should be reversed.


Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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Fixed in previous World Update.