Name of add-on that has screaming passengers

Hi all.

I’ve heard it mentioned but can’t find those sources back now.

Can anybody tell me what the name of the add-on which has passenger audio/feedback is?
(screaming passengers)


What is the threshold of the screaming?
(Graded from “a little bit lumpy” to “oh my god the wings have fallen off!”)

Do you get this audio feedback in all aircraft classes or only tubeliners? For example can I have this audio feedback of a very poor landing also in the light aircraft?

In all seriousness I’m really looking for an app which will provide some feedback of flight performance to help me improve but I do like the idea that screams from the back might serve as an immediate indication that I’ve banked too hard or slammed the wheels into dirt with more of a bump than ideal.

I’ve never heard of this, but now I must have it.

Self loading Cargo

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I’d like to know as well. Saw a YT video with it on

Self Loading cargo, PACX, SimSounds v4.0

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Question got posted before I was finished writing…but as with edit above …

Do the sound effects work across all aircraft types?
What’s the threshold? Audio feedback from bank angle etc?

For me, the best sound effects for the plane is simsounds v4, it manages the sounds of engines, flaps, flaps, passengers, music, … and for passengers it is Self Loading Cargo

Screaming passengers…? Wow this is one strange add-on, but I have to admit it sounds funny (at least it´s funny as long as one never get´s caught in a real airplane incident). Do they clap or cheer after a perfect landing?