Nametags and POI labels huge in VR

Anyone else with this problem? In my VR headset (Reverb G2) all of the POI labels and markers as well as the multiplayer name tags are extremely huge, maybe twice as big as before SU5. This is my biggest annoyance with the new update. I have searched for a setting to change and I even fiddled with screen resolution but nothing seems to work for me.

I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and, maybe, found a solution.

Yes seeing the same thing with my G2 and my Vive Pro 2.

One other thing is you can see airports from many many miles away that was not true in SU4

try the tiny plates, working good with SU5:

Seeing all POI from too far away is the annoying thing for me as well…had to turn them all off.

Thank you for the response. I actually do use the Tinyui mods and they do help. But even the modded name plates are twice as big as they used to be. And the mod does nothing with the huge POI lollipops which now dominate my view.

than try to reduce the ui scale in game menu, if you didnt…hope i could help.
Regards Timo

Did that, too. It made the menus smaller but did not affect anything outside the cockpit window.

Just curious, are you having the same issue of oversized nameplates?

No, i am not using VR but i can reduce the size of nameplates in the game. Sorry

Yes, I find them intrusive. Have not sought solution. Those suggested in this thread sound less than ideal.

Here is an interim solution for you: (2.7 KB)

  1. download and remove the .pln extension
  2. unzip the archive
  3. move the unzipped rxp-ui-nameplate-small folder to your community folder

NB: this is the same nameplate as the SU5 version, but half width and half height.

Thanks once again for your great help! I will definitely give this a try.

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