Nasty FPS drop and lagging on take-off and landing

I’m one of the lucky ones who enjoyed the first year of MSFS with no significant performance issues and no CTDs. After Sim Update 5, I couldn’t launch the simulator and (to cut a long story short) ended up having to do a reinstall from the Store. Everything is now working fine, with excellent performance once I’m in the air, BUT I’m getting huge FPS drops (down as far as 6 FPS at times) and dreadful lagging on take-off runs and landing (i.e. when I’m actually on the tarmac). Exactly the same problem occurs with planes as different as the default Cessna 152 and the FlyByWire A320NX.

Windows 10 is up to date, as is Flight Simulator (version My GPU is an RTX
2080ti and the NVidia driver is also up to date. I have lowered my graphics settings to Medium, but with no result. I’ve deleted my previous Rolling Cache and my Community Folder is empty. Can anybody help?


What CPU do you have?

I have an RTX 3080 GPU with a 10700kf in an OEM build and because the power the manufacturer allows to my CPU (via a locked bios) is less than what it should be, it prevents overclocking and about a 20% drop in stock performance compared to other CPUs of the same type.

So to cut a long story short it means on the tarmac and near the ground I am often CPU limited and can cause stutters and significantly lower fps than whem I am in the air and GPU limited. Quite irritating with a new build.

The tarmac/ground stresses the CPU in MSFS, and combined perhaps with RAM speeds can cause stutters and lower fps. So your CPU speed might (or might no be) the cause. A good and fast CPU in MSFS is essential it seems.

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Thanks for your response. My CPU is i7-9700F (8 core).
More to the point, perhaps, performance everywhere (including take-off and landing) was flawless before the post SU5 reinstall and nothing in my hardware configuration has changed. It therefore seems highly unlikely CPU power is the problem.

Are you using the G1000NXi?
If so try uninstalling it and go with the default G1000. I think you will get your FPS back. It was not worth it for me to not use the G1000NXi, so I’m hoping it get fixed in a G1000NXi update.

Are you running a multi-monitor setup? I was shocked to see how much performance I was losing by popping out a window and putting it on my second monitor.


Try turning off Photogrammetry.

WU6 broke something when Photogrammetry is ON when taxiing and taking off. Regardless of airport, plane, location etc. Huge stutters and FPS drop when taxiing onto runway (almost always at the exact same spot) and when taking off (just before reaching rotate speed… so not annoying at all /s)… seems to clear up once you reach 500-1000 feet and gets smooth again. Same thing in reverse when landing…

With photogrammetry OFF… all normal pre-WU6 performance on the ground…


My new PC was purchased after WU5 and before that I had a 6700K with a GTX 1080 which ran smoothly with MSFS. So with the new PC, I can’t tell if my low fps on the tarmac or stutters are from the CPU limitation I explained in my new PC or from the WU6 update. I had not noticed any difference on my old PC after WU6 but this does not mean it doesn’t affect more powerful rigs like yours or my new PC.

Some people say turning off Photogrammetry helps but personally it didn’t make any difference to me.

turn off photogrammetry The program was doing the same for me. After I turned off photogrammetry it works fine landing and taking off.

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but it also happens on the airport where no photogrammetry area nearby.

I don’t think its your PC. Since the update its been doing the same on the Xbox X where areas which were silky smooth are now stuttering with frame rate drops.


Huge thanks to all you kind folks for taking the trouble to contribute on this. It seems Photogrammetry is the problem. Since turning it OFF, I’ve been getting spectacularly good FPS everywhere - on take-off, landing and in the air and at both busy airports like Heathrow and small rural airports like Kidlington, Oxfordshire. In f act the best performance I’ve ever experienced (as a result of improvements in SU5?).
I’ve just seen this Twitter post from MSFS Support dated 30th August 2021, so it seems our masters are on the case:

MSFS Support

Our teams are aware that some users are experiencing issues with Photogrammetry and Bing Data World Graphics in Microsoft Flight Simulator. We are actively looking into these issues. Thank you for your patience!

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Hopefully SU6 will fix it

I can’t confirm this… and I run lower range hardware than PIlotPeter6834.

Of course you get super FpS… and bad scenery. What airports do you get 6 FpS ?

With Photogrammetry switched on, I get frame rates as low as 6 fps at all airports but only when on the tarmac taking off or landing… With PG switched off, the problem disappears, but no Photogrammetry seems a high price to pay, as you say.


I’ve got a RTX 3070 so roughly equivalent to a RTX 2080Ti. I’ve found to improve performance at airports lowering terrain and objects details the most effective whilst the keeping the other settings on high/ultra and all data on.

What the OP is describing and what I, and others have experienced is not a: “try lowering this setting…”, “adjust this parameter…”, “what airport and plane is doing it…?” “what card/CPU are you using…?”, etc. issue…

It is a very clearly repeatable bug introduced with WU6… I have adjusted setting by setting (in game, NVIDIA), flown half a dozen planes (3rd party and ASOBO), small airstrips with zero photogrammetry anywhere nearby, large airports outside Manhattan, emptied my community folder COMPLETELY… the issue is always exactly the same:

  • (Photogrammetry ON) Taxi from parking ramp, gate, whatever… “ok” FPS and smoothness, turn onto runway, large stutter and large drop in FPS for 2-3 seconds, then it stabilizes… speed up down the runway… .as speeds reach 60+kts, major freezing, major FPS drop (as if something in the game is jamming up), then the plane rises and the game and FPS stabilize at around 500-1000 feet and all is well again… reverse on the landings.

Turn off Photogrammetry and everything I described above is non-existent and everything is smooth and stable from DARK to SKY to DARK again…

I have been playing for 100s of hours and have NEVER touched Photogrammetry before… I always start cold and dark and end cold and dark… this issue was introduced the very FIRST flight after WU6.

It’s not a generalized issue that can be solved with a few lowered settings…

I apologize if I sound annoyed, but the last thread where this exact issue was described was completely diluted with generalized advise suggesting the OP lower this setting or that… and I fear this is what will happen again.

The issue is very cut and dry as I describe it above and I am sure the OP will agree.


Look here Stuttering problem - #25 by sodapop840 it not only PG, mesh also causes the issue

Absolutely spot on, SplitCurve. Thanks. You describe the symptoms I’m experiencing perfectly. As you say, it’s nothing to do with hardware, graphics settings etc. It seems to be a bug introduced either by SU5 or WU6… Everything works 100% if Photogrammetry is switched off. But losing Photogrammetry altogether seems a high price to pay for a workaround to eliminate freezes!


I agree! Photogrammetry is far from perfect, but it does give that sense of realism when flying over a city that the AI generated buildings can’t touch. Of course the illusion can quickly be shattered with in close flying, but it still beats the cardboard cut out buildings.

I have faith that Asobo will solve this issue in the next SU… I hope…

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I have never had a 3rd party mesh installed. The 3rd party mesh may be causing intermittent stutters and fps drops during flight and contributing to lower performance on the ground as well, but that is a different issue from this one.