Native 4K where? 3840x2160 not an option?

The only way I can force MFS2020 to load in native 4K 3840x2160 fullscreen is using NVIDIA geforce experience followed by play to load into the sim.
or select
Windowed mode on desktop maximize but with task bar and window title.

Am I missing something why isn’t 3840x2160 and option in the full screen dialog?


That’s really odd. I think by default (if I remember correctly) - It supported it straight out of the box/installer for me

Are you using 4K as your desktop resolution?

yes a Samsung 4K TV 60hz

I see that as well but I do use full screen. I will get again in the morning to be sure.

That’s strange. I play full screen on Samsung 4K TV 60hz , and am able to select the 3840x2160 res in the graphic options ok.

What resolution options does it give you?

I can see loads… all the way down to 640x480 if I recall.

I am using a 4K “Y” Splitter that maybe the culprit with this game only.
thhis adapter takes an hdmi 4k source @ 60hz and splits it 2 ways at 60hz.

1 for direct output to SAMSUNG TV
2 for elgato HDMI streaming PC.

never had this issue before.

Thank you for verifying that your setups display the actual menu my menu stops at 1920x1080.

exactly, I’m using a 4K Samsung TV too (60hz). No issue with setting 3840x2160 either.

No issue here. If you are using a adaptor from say display port to hdmi those can cause issues so a good one is needed. That is what I have

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