Native ARM (based chips) support

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i would like to see Microsoft & Asobo considering native support for ARM based Chips!
I know this is still a while out, but basically all major player (Apple, Qualcom, Samsung, MS themselves and now even NVIDIA) did announce a move to ARM based chips in the near future. So i guess the arm version of windows will be getting more attention very soon!
Again, all still a while out, but better plan early! :slight_smile:

I think at some point, Microsoft & Asobo will probably have no choice left, so why not start sooner than later!


It will probably be some time before there are suitable machines that can actually handle MSFS that need it… but yes, that’d be sweet. :wink:

[Note that currently, the only Windows 10 ARM64 machines you can get max out at 16 GiB RAM – the bare minimum for MSFS – and have relatively slow integrated GPUs as well as relatively poor single-threaded CPU performance running on Qualcomm processors. The Apple ARM processors are a lot faster but have the same RAM limitation for now, and run Windows only in virtualization which slows down use of the GPU further.]

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I have a new M1 Mac and it’s really a piece of ■■■■.
In the future, probably situation will be better but ATM is useful only for web browsing and light works.
4k videos from mirrorless kill it, excel with big files kills it, games… nothing
But probably an M3 will be good.

Interesting, my M1 MBP is a absolut game changer for me. I even run x-plane 11 with payware aircraft & scenery at a stable 30FPS on 1440p, with quite high graphic settings (eg objects maxed out). With all that the CPU runs at around 70%. FlightSims are heavily limited by CPU single core perf, MSFS is no exception. This is where the M1 shines! And remember this is just an improved tablet chip. Literally the weakest laptop/pc chip apple will ever release.

I think with just a little push on the GPU, this is the way to go! :slight_smile: