Native in-game VR web browser

The subject says it all I think, but, as I study and fly at the same time, I would like web browser support as a window within the “VR Space.” It would be phenomenal not to have to alt-tab, going out of VR to find charts, do homework, or even an in game launcher for other applications, like ASA’s studying app for flight related materials

If I bought MSFS 2020 through the Microsoft store, will OVR Toolkit work through the Microsoft VR World?

The “follow me” option for the window was able to bring my desktop view into the VR simulator, which is sweeeet! Problem solved.

how do you do the “follow me” option?

The “follow me” option is, depending on what VR device you are using, the button right beside the close window button when using the VR “space.” For example, if you are in the Cliff House using the Windows Mixed Reality Portal, bring up a moveable screen of the desktop, select the button right beside the close the window button, and then, launch MSFS 2020. From viewing the game inside that window you’ve pulled up, once the game loads, hit ctrl+tab, and when the game goes into VR mode, it will bring that “follow me” window into the VR space with you. Then, you can use that window that is now inside the VR space to browse the web, open applications, etc. whilst in VR mode. I hope this makes sense enough for you to recreate what I’ve been enjoying… others feel free to chime in if you have a better way of describing what I’m saying here (and once that window is “inside” the VR space, you can click the “follow me” button again so the window stays put where you want it so you can move your head around and have the window stay put, and not block instruments; experiment with this)

Oculus has the best native virtual window implementation.
You simply sticky tac a virtual window and it will load inside of your cockpit.

That’s cool

Please how exactly do you do this

I’ve made something that does exactly this as an addon :wink:

No intention for a self plug, however this was my addon I made ahead of getting VR so not tested yet but will be updating as when possible. It was so I could have a better VFR map or basically any web content inside a panel.

  • Currently preconfigured for a local host to run some other 3rd party addons (was to be made to make other apps/addons inside the game too)

I’ve not put full browser control (navigation buttons or search bar etc) its just that it’ll allow you to access web content and in theory you could have another addon like I do that runs the web content itself to ensure full functionality etc.

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Using a Virtual Desktop (

Only problem with this is that the window goes away when you control-tab into the VR view in MSFS. At least when using the Oculus Rift CV1. But they switch very smoothly between the two.