Nav Aids / POI and Airport Markers creating geometric graphic issues

Just tried to use some nav aids and when the sim starts I am in a giant geometric spider web. There are also smaller bright green ones. What gives??? Any help would be much appreciated!

I think it is one of the tick options on the SDK menu’s that you need to switch off.

Could you please elaborate and point me in the direction?


Do you have dev mode switched on in the menu if so there should be an sdk drop down menu at the top of your screen. I think its on the options tab, forget the name of the option that turns it on or off though. just look for something related to airport markers just try each setting on or off to see which one gets rid of what your seeing.
Sorry not being clearer I would check it if I was on the sim right now.

Been on the sim today and checked it out you need to enable dev mode in the pause menu under general settings. Then the sdk menu should be placed at top of your screen go to the options tab and make sure poi doesn’t have a tick next to it this brings up the green and white web thing your on about.