NAV log

Is there a way to see like the world map while in flight? My NAV log is so confusing. It says my distance and ETE but it says 32’10”. What does that even mean?

There is no way to see the World Map while in flight. However, you can use the VFR Map available from the Toolbar.

You can also use Little Nav Map (LNM) to see your entire route. It is a free, but powerful addon.


Like Sartanius says.

you can zoom in out and make it bigger also so, it kinda works.

Yeah I knew that. Has a 200nm range. How does the other app work?

I looked into it but It doesn’t say English for languages.

Yep, definitely is in English. I use it all the time. It is an amazing, full featured application that thousands of simmers use all the time. Check it out… it is free.

But, disclaimer… it uses SimConnect, so there may be periodic pauses when used with MSFS right now. The dev team is aware and are tracking it for a fix.

The ETE is the Estimated Time Enroute - the time to travel that leg of your journey. 32’10" is 32 minutes, 10secs. If you start the Stopwatch just as you take off, and/or get situated in the proper direction (the bearing is also there), or reset/restart the clock when you pass a waypoint in-flight, you can get a good notion of when to start looking for the (next) landmark or airport, etc. Not sure what speed its based on, but you get the idea.

So far I’m almost 2 hours. Still have 190 miles left. Flying at altitude I logged in nav log. It’s a 622 nm flight.

External tools can do it. Like VFRmap: It gives you your plane on the world map (not google map but OpenStreetmap)

Then i also use Windy: where i can plan my VFR/IFR flights.

Hope somebody finds this info usefull.

Is there a way to see Little Nav Map on an android tablet or nah

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works only with the non-uwp (steam) version of the game, yes?

Nope, works with MSFS regardless of where you purchased it.

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Do I just use in window mode? I only have 1 monitor.

Yea, one monitor is less than optimal for a visual app like this, but you can easily ALT-TAB back and forth to use it with MSFS.