NAV not working since Sim Update 5

I’ve this a few times. If you zoom out it’s not so bad :rofl::rofl:. I’ve used heading mode to get on track then flip back to nav mode and then it follows the magenta line.

Is that the caravan screenshot? Have you tried the pms50 GTN750 ?

We’re victims of a new ‘feature’, the planner inserts time waypoints in your VFR plan without consent.

Someone has decided that we obviously can’t takeoff from a runway and turn direct to the first waypoint at the same time, so they’ve come up with an idea to extend the runway centre line and place a hidden (from your flight plan) waypoint at which you then turn to your first leg of your flight plan and done the same at the destination.
Reasonable thinking but entirely inflexible, as you can’t delete what you can’t see in the flight planner.
Of course you could fly IFR to avoid this, but that’s not possible with the standard ATC because of the temperature bug that reports the wrong flight level!
The only way is to fly direct to the destination with a ‘Direct To’ input in the flight planner once airborne or use radio Nav or heading mode to follow the magenta line :wink:

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I’ve been able to “remove” the Timevert added waypoint in the FPL function of various AP units to restore the proper flight plan.


Man oh man - seems like this is a big miss in the testing lifecycle. Very basic functionality which was lost. Additionally, I’ve noticed the AI ATC doesn’t automatically ask for instrument FP approval automatically anymore, as I have to manually do it. I know, I know - the true simmers don’t like AI, but there are times when I want me co-pilot to run comms!!

This is it! I was wondering too why my plane suddenly looses track while in NAV! I hope they fix that asap as this is super annyoing. What genius had this idea? How did this get past approval is beyond me tbh.
Thanks for posting!

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It sounds like you may be encountering the VFR flight bug introduced with SU5.

Please check this thread and vote if appropriate.

Same issue here, Just noticed today Nav is not working after update even with empty community folder. Hope this bright boys get it sorted out.

Same here, tested the Caravan today. Had my route set and everything. Nothing happens when i pressed NAV after turning on the AP. Also i was able to have both NAV and HDG active at the same time.

Having the exact same problem. AP completely ignores the NAV button. The plane just flies off into LALA Land.

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Folks, when you post - please clarify which situation applies to you:

  1. You are using the stock Garmin or NavUnit that comes with the plane, no mods.
  2. You are using a Community Mod, like the Working Title series G1000 0.4.0, G3X Dev 10 or G3000 0.7.4a.
  3. You are using a Marketplace Add-on like the Working Title G1000 NXi.

This helps other users assisting what troubleshooting steps can be taken.


I am having a similar problem. Flight Plan is loaded but NAV does not show the destination airport. As a result, NAV does not work… I had the G3000 and reverted back as well.

Here is a new found solution for me. After taking off, I reentered (manually) the destination airport and the NAV corrected iteself and now has the correct destination airport, and flight plan. It now shows the correct distance and all is well !!!~

What is strange is the destiantion airport is shown in the MFD upon take off - but it is not registering…

The whole Garmin system is non-functional for me since update 5. Now flying the DC-6 using (and enjoying the challenge) the Bendix system. Fortunately I don’t think MSFS can screw that up.

Don’t say that. It sounds like a challenge to which someone at Asobo will say “hold my beer”…


Since SU5 update all propeller aircraft plus the turbo Caravan 208 are unusable in ILS mode. If you put in an ILS flight plan then the cockpit instrument gps is set to GPS TERM and the external view shows GPS ERN. All is ok until you get to the approach stage and then it fails to follow when you select APPR mode. I have completely reinstalled MFS2020 but it has made no difference. This is driving me crazy! Has anyone else experienced this issue or am I not doing something? All is fine with the Turbo and jet planes(except the Cessna Caravan 208.

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If you start your flight plan from the terminal gates/ ramps then the external view show VOR2!!

Yeah, doing my first IFR flight with SU5 right now, and the navigation is completely screwed up in the Just Flight Piper Arrow with the GNS 530. It’s a PLAN-G flightplan loaded from the world map.

The flightplan calls for a 75° track for my flight from Hualien, Taiwan (RCYU) to Yonaguni, Japan (ROYN)

But the GPS indicates the destination “TIMECLI” wih a 201° track. As you can see, the HSI doesn display the track properly either. It says that I’m still left of my track, while I’m actually to the right of it. Something’s wrong big time.


I’ve got a NAV problem, stock Cessna 172 (non-G1000).

When I push the ENT button on the GNS 530 after selecting an approach, the next step is to Activate the approach. When I do so, the ENT button flashes orange (which indicates that it was clicked successfully), but the “Activate Approach” menu item on the screen continues to flash. That would indicate that the approach has not yet been activated.

I’m also having nav problems since SU5. I’m flying the islander with a stock 530. When I tune any frequency in, nothing happens. ILS doesn’t respond or if it’s a vor, no info comes up in the ident field. If I tune an ndb, nothing happens either.
The odd thing is that when I connect pilot2atc and tune in a vor…pilot2atc shows the name and info in the program. MSFS still shows nothing.

Am I doing something really daft or is there a real issue with the nav?

I’ve had this happen intermittently. It seems to affect planes using the stock nav systems (G1000, G3000 - both stock and WT mods, and GNS units). The G1000 NXi and WT CJ4, which use WT’s new custom nav system seem unaffected. I’d suspect the FBW A320 likely also is unaffected.

It seems to work for me on and off. Sometimes, it will catch the GPS guidance and localizers. Other times, it refuses to no matter what I do and I end up having to either hand fly or using my AP in HDG mode.

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