Navigraph Charts in VR causing stutters

Whenever i use Navigraph charts from the toolbar, it causes stutters for a sec or two. It’s only when i interact with it. In 2D using the chart is perfectly fluid. I do not have any stutters and 35+ fps everywhere i fly, so i was curious this could be improved somehow or anyone else is experiencing the same?

No, it works well for me, very fluide (HTC VIVE PRO)

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Yes I have this very issue too. No matter which plane. It only happens when I open the Navigraph tool in VR. Just a 1 second big stutter.

Using Navigraph in the e.g. Fenix EFB is perfectly smooth. My sim is running completely stutter free which makes opening Navigraph very jarring.

To clear things up, it only stutters 1 time when opening the tool. Perfectly smooth when I keep it open/ minimized.

@NAVData I am gonna link you so you might can log it that it is at least affecting some users.

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I’m finding that if Moving maps and follow mode are ON the stutters beging and continue until I turn these OFF.

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