Navigraph flight plan into FBW A320

Is there a way to load a flight plan you’ve produced on navigraph into the FBW a320 while In the cockpit?

I can only find information on SimBrief plans.


Can’t you type them in manually?

The only other way is to save the .PLN file from Navigraph, then use the Load Flight plan function from the World map, the click Fly. Then once you’re in session, your Navigraph flight plan should be preloaded.

You can also copy the navigraph plan and load it into simbrief although I‘m not sure about the sense doing this ^^ is there a reason you don‘t want to use simbrief?

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can the FBW A320 really successfully load up a flight plan from the world map?

Not anymore. The latest version has to load a flight plan from Simbrief.

You can still load a flight plan from the world map for ATC purposes, but for the FBW A32NX aircraft itself has to come from SimBrief.

gotcha thanks