Navigraph flight tracking

Hi all,

I wanted to get into having my flight tracked live on a second monitor which would be an IMac 27”. I’m running the sim on pc and an LG C1 48” monitor.

What would be the best way and best software for me to have my current flight tracked on a moving map even around the airport and during flight on the iMac and even an iPad please?

Navigraph is great, but if flight tracking is your main goal then there’s even a better, and free solution - check out LittleNavMap. It’s the Swiss army knife for flight sims - flight planning, flight tracking, etc, its functionality will blow your mind. Available as Win or native Mac app, and it also has a built-in web server that allows you to track your flight on a map on any device, including iPad.

I use both, Navigraph mostly for charts and procedures, and LNM for flight planning and tracking.


Ok thanks very much! If I was to install Navigraph on the iMac how would it communicate with the sim running on a different monitor via my pc? I’ve just heard lots of people say LNM is a bit confusing for beginners hence why I’m thinking Navigraph although I understand you have to have a paid subscription. Thanks for your help.

You’d use ‘Navigraph Simlink’, a little utility that you run on the server where MSFS is running. Then you can track your position either in a web browser (, or on the native Navigraph OSX or iPad apps.

Edit: note that you don’t need direct connectivity between your Mac / iPad devices and the windows MSFS server (nor any configuration), as Simlink will transmit your position to the Navigraph servers, form where the other apps will pull it.

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That’s really helpful and thanks very much.
I think I’ll start a subscription and download everything on my iMac and then install simbrief on my pc running msfs and see how I get on.

Hey glad that I could help!

You won’t regret the subscription, though a bit pricey it’s totally worth it. For me personally it wouldn’t be the tracking part, but having all the airport / procedure / approach charts available is awesome.

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I highly recommend the MSFS Mobile Companion App. It is free and works with any web browser. Lots of additional features in the app to help fly the aircraft such as NAV, COM, AP customized for multiple aircraft.

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Agreed. I use LNM for flight tracking. Although Navigraph for taxiing and getting a bit more detail on tracking my SID, STAR and ILS approach.

Both excellent tools.

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I use Flight Events, mainly as it’s uncomplicated and includes a handy teleport function.

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Why not try out Volanta — Your personal flight tracker? It’s also free and you can use it as a Windows app, or a web browser. All you need is install the app and run it simulatenously with your MSFS flight, and you can open the app or use the browser in another computer and you’ll see your flight being tracked. It has challenges and country visit checklist that you can complete too.

I find Volanta to look more modern than LittleNavMap. No offense to the team who made LNM, I’m sure they did such a wonderful job with the app, but I feel like the app looks like it was made for Windows 95. Volanta is a lot more streamlined.

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Try SimToolKit Pro … free, constantly updated and very comprehensive.