Navigraph FlightSim Community 2023 Survey Is Out!

Make sure you set aside some time to complete, lots of good information comes out of these!

You can also check previous years results.


I love some of the choices for flight sim hardware, like “Ejection Seat”. :rofl:





I can see it now… “Honey, you’ve always complained about the money I spend on flight simulator hardware. Have a seat and let me show you what I just bought.”

Legal Disclaimer: DestructZero does not condone the use of ejector seats on spouses.

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Was surprised the hardware questions don’t allow listing the current generation Radeon cards… gonna be skewed data. :wink:

Question 5.1

How often do you fly any of the following flight simulator software?

This list is scrollable.

This list is scrollable…well no !

Nice! I hope more MSFS users respond to the survey.

I DID select OTTO the Inflatable Autopilot for fun. It will be interesting to see where Otto ranks in the survey in the hardware category setup.


Just filled in the survey on my Mobile phone, Took me ages especially the which Aircraft do you fly.

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Also another good reason for MSFS users to fill out the Navigraph survey is that some 3rd party developers check this survey, to determine whether they should develop add-ons for MSFS.

Supposedly, the Navigraph survey numbers have accelerated some 3rd party developers’ decisions to develop their first add-ons for MSFS. If MSFS does well on the Navigraph survey, it can entice more 3rd party developers to switch to MSFS. There are still some 3rd party developers out there who are not developing for MSFS yet, so if we can better represent MSFS in the Navigraph survey, it will mean more add-ons, and better add-ons for MSFS in the coming years.

That’s an interesting choice for this survey :rofl:

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Yeah, that’s a strange mistake or omission by Navigraph.