Navigraph & Simbrief

I have a question regarding the AIRAC circle:

If I subscribe for only one month and unlock the current AIRAC circle in simbrief, will I keep this circle in simbrief after I cancel my subscription or will it go back to the 2003 default one?

Thanks for your time

i would think so, as even with an active subscription - cycles, i “forgot” to unlock cannot be unlocked later. So the state of something being locked or unlocked seems to be independent of the current state of subscription.

But if you want to know for sure, i guess you should ask Navigraph/Simbrief …

I believe it will show as unlocked but you cannot use it without logging in to navigraph and hence you need a subscription to use it. This is what I found after I stopped subscribing for a while.

… yes, the AIRAC cycle in SimBrief will be still unlocked even you have no active subscription. But be aware of a cycle mismatch between an outdated cycle and the MSFS data because the stock data will also be updated from time to time via SU or WorldUpdate.


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