Navigraph Update! Amazing

I might be late to the Party but…

Go get it those with a sub


Holy smokes thanks! - didn’t know about this program and found it.

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Ack! Mine hadn’t updated itself since January. :frowning:

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You have to re download the app from navigraph…it does not auto update…I did it tonight…navdata centre


Thanks for the notice. Ill go get it.

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Thanks for sharing !

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That explains it. :smiley: Thanks!

Was just downloading for the CRJ manually again. I wish the installer would show that an update is available. Thank you.
Without VR, is the In-Game Panel worth it to install or should I stay with external charts program?

I’ve only just subscribed to Navigraph for the first time and looking forward to giving it a try.

I was planning to use the chart side of it on my iPad using SimConnect for the moving map, so I assume there’s no point installing the ‘In-Game Panel’?


Up until know I was using Navigraph mostly for the charts and not for the airac cycles as I found the whole process pretty confusing and not really well documented.

Now I want to give it a new try but I have a few questions:

  1. Does the new Navdata Center program need to be running all the time when in the sim, or is it enough to use this program to update the airac cycles from time to time?
  2. I still have a second programm from Navigraph: FMS Data Manager. Do I still need that one for Pilot2ATC and LittleNavMap?
  3. Navdata Center currently shows Airac cycle 2105 rev.4 while FMS Data Manager only shows rev.1 as its latest up-to-date airac cycle. Why aren’t both the same?

I had exactly the same issues and concerns as you!

It seems that in many areas of Flight Simming, some details are deemed ‘too obvious’ to document or mention, when this is far from the case with new users. Hopefully this is just due to incorrect assumptions but I get the feeling there is also a certain amount of ‘Gate Keeping’ - particularly from some users on forums.

To answer your points as best I can:

  1. I think it is best to leave it running but certainly run it regularly to check for updates However, also make sure you manually check for app updates, from time to time, as it does not update itself.

  2. FMS Data Manager is still required for P2A and others. I believe the goal is to have one app to do this and Navdata Center eventually.

  3. This one really puzzled me! But I eventually found that the data revisions were in areas only required for Navdata Center (so it is on rev.4) but not necessary for the other usages, so they were not revised (so remain on rev.1). This seems a bit weird and makes it look like the data is mismatched, but if that’s how they want to do it…:man_shrugging:

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Ok, thanks for you help.