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Hi gents & ladies. I’m sorry if this is no news at all. I just found that Navigraph is working on a solution to integrate into MSFS, which would be usable for us VR users too. Thats news, and great news for me, so I thought why not share it here :blush:

“We are working on a way to pull up charts from within the simulator, and we’re also working with third party developers like FBW and WT to bring charts into their EFBs.”

Hope this is soon :wink:


It already exists in the WorkingTitle CJ4. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I finally decided to integrate Navigraph into MSFS. The catalyst was the Working Title CJ4, which now allows georeferenced charts to be displayed on the MFD.

The idea mostly works OK but some charts are only partially displayed and there is no way to resize them to see the rest of the information. One annoying one was a STAR that I couldn’t see the complete chart and only saw part of the route.

I’m sure this will only improve over time and may as well use it as I’m paying each month for the subscription.

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You have a couple of options when it comes to viewing all the information in the chart. First, there is the Zoom button. It’s only a two position switch. You’re either zoomed in or you’re zoomed out. You also have the little joystick that allows you to pan around the chart.

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Tried both but couldn’t see the whole of the chart. Most charts are OK just this one that caused issues.

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