Nazca lines, Peru missing

I tried to see the Nazca Lines in Peru and I am pretty sure I flew above the correct area, however the lines are missing :pensive:

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Oooh… this was an area I planned to fly for the same reasons.
Did you try finding them taking off from a close airport or directly with an exact GPS position ?

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Don’t go to Easter island, next.

Haha, too late, I made a post about that yesterday… :wink:

Look at this !
Pretty sure these are big lines ! :slight_smile:
Try to fly in this area : -14.694169, -75.120618

However, and I’m 99% sure i’m right over him, you can very very hardly discern the Colibri just in front of the red nose of my plane. My graphic settings are almost at the maximum, so I suppose we will not have a lot better than that. Same results for the Spider, impossible to discern.

Nazca lines are in MSFS. I think you didn’t fly the correct area :wink:
I already fly above in real, and they are more difficult to see than in MSFS, because of the strong brightness of the ground.
Some figure are difficult to see in MSFS, some are not present, like the astronaut, because of bing textures resolution