(NDU registry change) Increase performance immediately! AMAZING!

I agree, I only use my rig for FlightSIm (and some other small steam games), but when I am done for the day the computer gets fully shut down. I have noticed, if I DON’T do that, then I start to see things slow down…


Same here, but I don’t fly the FBW. It is when I use REX Weather Force. As soon as I disconnect the real weather from weather force, my frames return to normal.

8527F64 was committed to experimental on the 23rd, I believe that’s the patch people are talking about?

Any of you who have done this latest performance fix (NDU registry), has it actually fixed your long haul flights?

I just flew KDFW > LFPG and an hour before I got to Paris, my frames tanked to 2-3fps. :frowning:

but this is just the point… shutdown and restart is not the same thing :slight_smile:


… if your power button is not configured for a true shutdown

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if oyu have hibernation enabled ( e.g. Fast-Start is available ), a shutdown is still a different thing ( and no, I dont mean some kind of enery saving state ).


Finishing up HECA to KAUS now in the 78X. Just as smooth as I cross over my home state into my home city as it was when I left Cairo. Thanks, yet again, for this suggestion. Those are my settings below. I run the sim maxed out, and it’s butter with this ‘fix.”

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how is your gig’s spec?

And people said you can have tune that UserCfg.opt (not useropt.cfg) to ObjectsLoD (not Object LOD) >= 5.0 , as 78X is getting more detailed after that, as in the Settings UI it is bound much lower as 2.0 (200) .

First of all it’s called “UserCfg.opt” and not useropt.cfg
Second, the line is “ObjectsLoD” and not Object LOD

“UserCfg.opt” is located in the LocalCache folder for those of you looking for it


I don’t get how people are running at a TerrainLOD of 400+ at the minute.

I’m running a 5900x and the game is relentlessly CPU limited beyond about 230. There aren’t many, if any, CPU’s currently out there stronger than the 5900x, so go on, give me a clue. How are you doing it?! :innocent:

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its possible… it just depends on location… in africa the 400’er settings works well :rofl:


Yeah, I can imagine :laughing:

Go anywhere near built up scenery or a 3rd party airport though… :grimacing:

ps FWIW This ‘fix’ did nothing for me, but then I wasn’t having issues before. Interesting that so many people reporting an improvement have a 3090.


yep… somewhere wrote a user like “dynamic LOD feature”… not a bad idea… I assume the LOD in e.g. “africa” can be near 1000, but in dense areas it needs to reduced. If a piece of code ( optional setting ) would can do that automaticly: " change LOD depends on a target avg fps " , we get may better visual in general. May of course in these case is allways a fixed target fps necessary ( but these I already set wit vsync ).

PS: if the ndu fix was realy helpfull, and not placebo, the issue is with users network drivers, not the gpu.


ASUS Prime X570p
Ryzen 9 3900x w/watercooler
64g RAM @ 3600
2 x 2T WD Black SN570 NVMe drives
1 x 6T Samsung SSD
1000w EVGA PS
Samsung G9 49" panel
Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

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I have a 3090…

The MSFS SDK Documentation has a lot of information for developers to create objects with correct levels of detail. The dynamic LOD is based on distance. For example a tree should not have much detail at 40,000 ft compared to 100 ft. The documentation describes how developers should optimize LOD to prevent memory and performance impacts. There is no guarantee that developers have optimized their products except through user community feedback.

This helps to explain why some users see improvements with this “fix” and other “fixes” while others do not.


I don’t know but I have a 3070 and i9-11900KF and use 400 with 30% CPU 90% GPU @400

In my case I’m running 400 terrain on 4k resolution with my i9 9900k and a RTX 2080ti on ultra graphics + slight Reshade with ~30fps in general. Anyway I tweaked many settings in my drivers directly (NV Control Panel) like:

  • disabled shader cache
  • enabled low latency mode (Ultra)
  • making use of DSR, increasing ai upscaled resolution by 1.5x (DL) while decreasing render scale in MSFS to 80 (so I’ll get my native display resolution)

thats not what I meant with a feature like:

The rules behind LOD should not changed ( may be can optimized ) .

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