Near-by photogrammetry LOD pop-in and too little RAM usage

I’m unsure why the game never uses more than about 7gb of RAM.
I am constantly noticing nearby LOD pop-in on buildings that can’t be explained by performance bottlenecks.

Gigabit fiber, NVME SSD, 50% CPU utilization and 85% GPU utilization (30 fps cap).
I have LOD set to 200 but yet photogrammetry buildings change from marshmallows to fully detailed at very close range. Shouldn’t the sim download the detailed models and page them in RAM at much further distances so I don’t notice the pop-in? With such fast internet why is that not happening? I see no CPU bottlenecks and my frame rate is rock solid, so what gives? 7gb of RAM is likely not enough to for a low fly-by of a large photogrammetry city. I’d be happy if the sim used more of my internet bandwidth and much more RAM so that pop-in wasn’t as noticeable. Anyone else experience this and find a solution?

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Overriding in-game Terrain level of detail helped with the morphing and popping in my case, especially mountain areas and some photogrammetry areas. I also got better photogrammetry quality. So, the in-game slider max’s at 400 but if you find the usercfg.opt file and edit the terrain Level Of Detail there upto 5.9 (which appears to be the optimum figure), then it might help.

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Does anyone else think that we shouldn’t need to set the terrain LOD higher than official levels to fix the broken photogrammetry?

Yeah. Pretty much everybody. There’s several other topics related to this issue.

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Something is fundamentally wrong with some photogrammetry areas after recents updates, although I don’t know which update caused the problem.

The UK seems particularly badly affected. Photogrammetry is almost non-existent until you’re almost right on top of it, it then pops into full detail but then the second you pass over the top the LOD drops right off and it’s just a load of spikes and marshmallows again.

All photogrammetry isn’t the same though, as everything in the US seems just fine. Is it a server problem or is there something broken with the photogrammetry LODs?

FWIW I have gigabit internet, a TerrainLOD of 230 and rolling cache off.

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Thanks for all the responses everyone. Does anyone know why the sim only uses 7gb of RAM? I’m sure I was able to take advantage of more RAM before…