Need a little help with Navigraph for the GTN750

Just added the GTN 750 (premium) to the JustFlight Piper Arrow lll. When selecting charts it asks for Navigraph info. Could use a little help pointing me to a solution.

I’m assuming you have an active Navigraph subscription which is required. If so, you should get a request to enter your Navigraph subscription logon information. Once entered, you will be asked to approve a link between the GTN 750 and your Navigraph subscription.

I do not have the subscription but will go there to explore. Thanks for the speedy answer.

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Found it, loaded it, and using it. Again, thanks for the help.

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Premium GTN 750 for the JF Piper? Please share link ! Thx

Nope…The GTN750 can be used as a MFD replacement of the following MSFS aircrafts:
DA62DA62X (DA62 with DA62X MOD)
Grand Caravan
GPS for MSFS2020 (

Yep… Let me backtrack to see where I got it. I think it was at