Need better mod management features (load priorties/mod merging/conflict avoidance, etc) for users and devs

As the number of private and commercial mods increases, so do the number of mod conflicts. While mod installation is super easy (thank you!), the Sim currently does not have any mod management features.

For the benefit of developers and users, Asobo should implement or at least provide SDK support for features such as::

  • load priorities (e.g. load this mod first/last)
  • inclusion/exclusion flags (e.g. load mod only if no other mod modifies this feature)
  • conflict identification (e.g. mod 1 and mod 2 will cause a conflict, you can’t have both, pick one)
  • and maybe even mod merging abilities (e.g. programmatically combine two mods that modify separate sections of the same airplane or .cfg file)

Thanks for your support!


I would say as well as SDK support for load priority (for easy installation), that user defined priority should also be able to be set, which would override any built in priority.

Aye, this is especially needed for scenery addons!

Indeed-hoping MS/Asobo will add in better mid management.

As the community continues to develop both payware and freeware sceneries, there should be a Scenery Library list in game so that users are able to prioritize their install sceneries.

Some payware scenery offered in the marketplace (FSDreamTeam Key West for sure is one) are experiencing conflicts with other installed scenery for unknown reasons, and the only way to solve this is by editing the scenery position in the content.xml file.

An in game UI, like the Scenery Library in FSX, would allow users to make adjustments to their installed scenery priorities without the risk of inexperienced users making mistakes when editing .xml files.

What conflicts in Key West and with what?

Genau das dürfte auch mein Problem bei der gekauften Scenery La Poutreau LFOU sein. Sofern ich von diesem Flughafen aus starten will oder fliegend in die Nähe desselben komme stürzt das Programm ab.

This is probably my problem with the purchased Scenery La Poutreau LFOU. If I want to take off from this airport or come flying near it, the program crashes.

FSDreamTeam KEYW somehow gets installed to the bottom of the list, and when in this position many of the scenery objects such as hangars do not show up. If you move KEYW higher in the priority list, those objects display correctly. The scenery itself is fantastic, and I don’t fault FSDT for whatever in game scenery priority bug is causing this issue. If you delete the content.xml and let the sim rebuild it, it again throws KEYW to the bottom of the list. It seems that anything purchased through the store (even deluxe/premium airports) gets put to the very bottom of the list, in alphabetical order. These payware addons are even below your community freeware sceneries.

@OliverKeim Try opening the content.xml file with notepad and move the position of LFOU above all community content but below “fs_base”. Backup your .xml file, and move it to a known location before making any edits

What if you don’t run any community freeware scenery? The only thing I run is some aircraft mods, and that’s pretty much it. Everything else is official add-on content. I still think that freeware stuff (like tons of scenery) causes a ton of issues people keep having. Minimizing all of that is what gives me 99% issue-free experience.

Reading various forum posts regarding FSDT KEYW, I believe other users have the same issue without any community add-on content. I develop both scenery and aircraft liveries, so that’s not reallty an option for me if I want to continue providing content. The KEYW scenery works just fine as long as it’s moved up the list in the content.xml file.

My whole point is that having a scenery library list like we had in FSX would eliminate the need for editing the content.xml, and the potential for errors when unfamiliar users are trying to edit files.

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The more addons are published, the more conflicts between scenery objects arise. It would be really important that there is a user-friendly solution that prevents these conflicts and prioritizes the scenery objects appropriately.

With all kinds of respect but the problem is not the amount of available add-ons, but what one downloads and installs.
We cannot make MS responsible for occuring conflicts with 3rd party scenery objects. ( payware is seldom better then freeware btw)
MS and ASOBO are doing a pretty great job so far.
Let’s have some patience with them and everything will be ok some day.

Yes I agree MS and Asobo are doing a great job and it is not meant to be a criticism of them. I just believe it would make sense to draw attention to possible conflicts during the installation of add-ons and to prioritize and / or offer a selection. Under no circumstances should both objects simply be installed in the event of a conflict.

It would also be good if the flight simulator could automatically recognize scenery conflicts and suggest alternatives so that the user can decide which object he would like to have installed.