Need Help: 3D Objects Not Appearing in Sim Editor After Building Package

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a challenge and could use some guidance. After a hiatus, I’ve returned to scenery creation, but my usual workflow isn’t yielding results anymore. Despite reviewing documentation and tutorials, I’m stuck.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. I’ve exported my 3D objects from Blender, which is my preferred tool.
  2. I’ve updated the XML files in the main folder and the package definitions.
  3. The objects and textures are correctly placed in the modellib folder.

When I’m in the sim’s Developer mode, I:

  • Open the project.
  • Build the package (it completes without errors).
  • Select the BGL file and attempt to load it in the editor.

But then, I hit a snag: the object isn’t there. It’s as if it never loads, and I can’t find it anywhere in the editor. I’ve retraced my steps and checked for mistakes repeatedly, even tried with different objects and scenery builds, but the issue persists.

Does anyone have any insights or suggestions on what might be going wrong?

My scenery packages (before building)

│ XML file (not specified by name)

│ another XML file (not specified by name)

│ ContentInfo
│ MarketplaceData

│ bin file (not specified by name)
│ XML file (not specified by name)
│ glTF file (not specified by name)

│ (textures files, not specified by name)