Need help/advice for using ATC to and from. Lost ability to contact nearest airport

Hello, I need to see what’s happening during my flights to cause my to lose the ATC function of being able to contact the nearest airports.

(I’m still learning, but this was my attempt)

For example, I planned a flight using Navi/Charts and LNM to import into my TDS GTN, so I planned out my flight (KMRY to KSFO) imported it into my GTN, and took off without a hitch.

About 1/3 way through the flight I contacted NorCal approach and requested a transition through airspace (because I was bored and wanted to see what would happen) after that I noticed that I no longer had the ability to contact any “Nearest Airports”, I tried everything to get the option back and nothing worked.

On approach to KSFO I had no option to contact the tower to request the landing, so I just landed, as soon as I touched down the tower told me to contact the ground services and the options came back to my ATC window.

I never saw this in FSX or P3D, so my question is, what did I do to cause this? OR is this a bug in the MSFS ATC system? OR is it caused by my flight plan? OR could it be something to do with the TDS GTN?

thanks for any help/advice