Need help creating my first package

Im making an airport. The model isnt finished and i didnt even make a texture file yet. But i wanted to import it in sim to see how its going.
so i exported like in the tutorials. but when i build packages errors show up and when i load the package in, my gltf doesnt show up in scenery.

  1. im not sure what to do

Whilst this may not be your problem, I found that the YouTube clips always showed the SDK looking different to mine. I watched a few several times over and always came to grief. So I looked at the dates and got this one dated from 2 months ago;

Difference this time. I have made a working airport from scratch that never existed before and an over the top airport on one that pre existed and I wanted it improving. All I did was watch, pause, write notes, watch, pause, write notes until the end of the clip. Only then did I go attempt an airport of my own. Stacking all the tabbed windows as one on the right is what made it easier to follow.

If you want some support, the best thing to do Is tell us the errors the console Is throwing

Also, you can upload your source files on some public sharing site (google drive or whatever) in order to users can take a look at them spotting for errors