Need help for Blender export problem!

Hi everyone,
I have a problem to export my object I did this text object in order to export it to sim! But I don’t know why I don’t have any export for MSFS option in my blender? I have import option but there is no export. I don’t know what the problem is! Anybody can help me?

The import function you show in the Import-Menu probably comes from this plugin:

This one can (I think) only import but not export (it is intended only for livery creation).

You should use the official Import/Export Plugin maintained by Asobo (but this one in contrast to the upper one cannot import glTF files that have been built into a Microsoft Flight Simulator package through the sim’s Package Builder):

This plugin does not create a separate menu item for MSFS gITF. Instead, you use the “normal” gITF menu item and then there is an MSFS option in the following window.

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Hi @Bamzi6707. I moved your post to a more appropriate category in the SDK area. I hope this helps you find your answer. Good luck.

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thank you so much for your help. I download and installed it, but there isn’t any export option eater! that’s complicated to understand how its work! is there any tutorial to see how its work? or is there any pictures step-by-step to shows how supposed to do that?

Export settings are on the side bar


Video about it here - MSFS SDK Tutorial - Asobo's Blender exporter is available NOW! - YouTube

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thanks find it. :pray:

Hi, Is it possible to export this text as an object to the simulator to place on the wall of buildings The airport that I have already made?
I tried several times but got this error

You can to convert your text to a mesh

To convert a text object into a mesh object, first, select the text object and then go to the object menu. In the header of your 3D viewport. Towards the bottom of this menu, you will find the convert sub-menu. Open this up and then select mesh to convert your text object to a mesh

I did it but nothing happened! I don’t know maybe my setup folders are wrong. which setup is better to do that.
My folder setup are. MyTexture–PackageSources—My Texture-modelLib & scene —texture

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