Need Help with Odd Hold Short Design

The screen shot says it best. I have this box like hold short. I tried to fake it out by adding another path without lines. But I feel there has to be a better way. I also can’t get the corners to connect,
hold short real

Hi Michail,
I had the same issue in my LIDT scenery, no way to fix it in the scenery editor
So I made a texture for that and placed with an apron objects

Or you can go with a projected mesh

Thanks, I haven’t ventured into textures or projection meshs yet. This is my first airport. Although I did find you can also paint hold short lines. But they don’t handle angles very well.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and learning this editor is driving me a little crazy!

I decided to go with the manually painted route. The SDK just doesn’t handle the hold shorts very well at the moment. They don’t look great in the designer but when I test fly it’s not as noticeable. The final export seems to look more natural.

I may update if I get some skill with making textures.

Appreciate the help! The SDK threads don’t have much traffic.