Need help with sensitivity for thrustmaster hotas x joystick

I have a problem with the senitivity with my joystick. Can anyone share with me there settings .Would be much apprec

This video helped me a lot when dialing in my settings.

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thanks so much

Thank you for posting this question. Ik have the same throttle and stick and could not find a suitable trim wheel mapping. The standard buttons on the stock are silly if there are several other sliders and knobs available. Only fs20202 didn’t show other mappings available. This thread helped me finf the best option, the standard (but secret? mapping). Tried turning the wheel of the throttle and … great. Problerms solved. Strange that the sim didn’t show that mapping in the info.

What wheel are you refering to?

I have the throttle on the left. On the left side of the throttle there is a knob you can royate with your pinky. That is the ‘wheel’ I was talking about

Thanks my stick is diff.

Hello for me Hotas.X -50/-50/-50/1 and 2/0/2/2 dead zone

what are your dead zones for the axis?

For me 2%/0%/2%/2%,and Axe -50/-50/0/1 good!

Thanksd, I’ll give it a

It is still senitive but better then before

Anybody else have used other sensitivity settings Let hear from you!!!