Need help with storage expansion

Hi i was just wondering if you can transfer msfs over to the seagate storage expansion from the internal storage. And if all the addons will still work properly.

Hey there!

Yes, you can transfer Microsoft Flight Simulator from your internal storage to the Seagate storage drive. The process is relatively simple, and your addons should continue to work properly after the transfer. Here’s how you can do it:

If you’d like to fully reinstall Microsoft Flight Simulator and choose a different drive for the installation this the easiest option if not here are some steps

  1. Locate MSFS files: Find the folder where MSFS is installed on your internal storage. It could be in a default folder like “Program Files” or in a custom location if you specified one during installation.
  2. Copy MSFS folder: Copy the entire MSFS folder to your Seagate storage expansion.
  3. Update shortcuts: If you have any shortcuts pointing to the old MSFS location, update them to point to the new location on the Seagate Drive.
  4. Launch MSFS: Start the simulator from the new location to ensure everything is working as expected.
  5. Verify addons: Check that all your addons are working properly after the transfer. If any addons are not functioning correctly, you may need to update their file paths in the MSFS settings or reinstall them.

After completing these steps, your MSFS should be running from the Seagate storage without any issues, and your addons should work as expected. If you encounter any problems, feel free to reach out for more assistance. Happy flying! :airplane:

This article, although it mentions to a new PC, the steps are the same:

Doesn’t the Xbox have a ‘move’ function? as described here:
PSA: Xbox Reserved Space & Storage Expansion Card - Community Support / Tech Support - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I am hoping so because I’ve run out of space on XBoxS and it takes quite a long time to download everything. (several weeks)