Need help.. with thrustmaster 16000m


Note This is for the Windows version… not STEAM!

So, before flight simulator came out I got myself the T16000M Hotas Flight Pack, it came with everything. anyways… My gaming computer hasn’t been working all that well, so my wife got a ASUS gaming laptop (pretty nice laptop) however when I plug everything in… the computer doesn’t detect the joystick as a gaming controller. However the throttle and rudder pedals are listed under controllers when plugged., but the joystick is listed under unspecified. The thing I don’t understand is why the computer knows it’s a joystick, but won’t let me do anything. Even when I type the .joy something (I forgot what the command was) it doesn’t even show up there. I’ve uninstalled drivers, installed the drivers again. Nothing is working. Please how do I get this ■■■■ joystick to work. is this ■■■■ thing broken?

I have it and had no problem with Windows 10 or FS2020.

Go to Settings, Devices and look at the right side of your screen for
Devices and Printers.

You should see the T.16000 flight stick there.
Right click it and then Game Controller Settings and
click Properties.

If the T.16000 is here, then FS2020 will display it under
Options, Control Options.

With File Explorer, I ran a search under “This PC” for joy.cpl.

Found these. I now have my MS Sidewinder 2 flight stick installed.

Two things to consider:

  1. Does Windows Game Controller recognize it as a joystick (that’s Windows Operating System, not the simulator)?
  2. Did you install the TM Drivers? I know it seems obsolete to be doing this when Windows practically loads or recognizes everything else, but even I had to do it when I bought my Thrustmaster TCA Airbus joystick last year.

Right. I had forgot what I did.

Anyway, here are the mappings for FS2020.

Go to for help.

All you need to do is go to Control Options and assign the mappings.