Need keybinds file on PC (not in the cloud)

We need the option to save Keybinds onto our PC and not have it in the cloud. OR, alternatively, a way to access it from the cloud and download it, why?

So we can share our custom configs with other users.

So those of us making mods that might require special keybinds do not have to ask our users to set up dozens of keybinds on their own as part of the “installation” process.

So those with custom hardware can share keybinds with others that have similar hardware.

Et cetera…

As I’ve changed so many key bindings, I suddenly got worried if the sim should reset these to the default (as I’ve had often with all the assistance options suddenly being reset to easy). I could never remember what the exact names of the actions are to be able to re-enter them, so it would literally set me back years. I would much prefer a copy on my PC I could backup regularly.

This obsession with putting everything on the cloud is quite annoying. I know it’s useful for some things if you occasionally use different computer systems, but how many simmers actually use different computers and require exactly the same key bindings on each? No, to me it seems more to benefit MS than to help the users.