Need suggestions for a new home cockpit

I have edited this post in an effort to not duplicate a request. I see some great home cockpits online but don’t know where to start. Actually, there are tons of add-ons and I’m not sure what to buy and I don’t want junk. My goal is to build a COMMERCIAL AIRLINER home cockpit.
I already have a decent computer system and will list what I have below, along with current peripherals. My budget is below $10,000. This is something I’ve wanted to do for MANY, MANY years. I am now retired and a real world pilot. Here’s what I have…

VR: Valve INDEX. While I may use VR in the future, the goal here is to have a decent 3 screen setup (When ASOBA enables it) with great external controls.

Here are my specs & settings:

Power Supply: Corsair RM850X
MB: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon
DUAL 2GB NVMe Drives. One in TURBO M.2 slot.
CPU: Intel i9-9900KF 3.60 ( I overclock MSFS2020 to 4.8
RAM: 32GB Corsair RGB RAM (No O/C of RAM)
Windows 10 64
GRAPHICS: nVidia GeFORCE RTX 2080 TI ( No O/C )
DRIVER: 471.11
Res: 2560X1040 (144Hx)
Dual DELL S2716DG Monitors on the left and right and (1) Samsung 36" TV in the middle set at 3840X2160 Res.

My sound runs thru my recording studio sound system.
PERIPHERALS: TM Warthog HOTAS and Rudder pedals.

Your thoughts?

Attacked for what?

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Poor topic title wordings?

Hint: If you put in your title that you want advice on building a cockpit, you are more likely to attract useful answers. You may want to check out the cockpit sub-forum :wink:


I think they read something into the post that wasn’t there. I stated that I was going to build a new flight sim and wanted input. There is so may peripherals out there that its confusing and I wasn’t sure what to get.

I think I could have explained myself better.

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I want to build a flight sim home cockpit. I stated that I wanted to build a flight sim

OK, that sounds like a great idea. Thanks

I’m curious about which sub that is. Typically, the FS community is great.

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how come. MSFS and flightsim subreddits are mostly friendly

Hi @RwpTurnip,

Please update your topic title to a question you would like to ask of the community. It should allow users to understand the purpose of your topic without opening it.

Good titles are important as they improve the chance others will find your topic when using the search system, and when browsing through the topic feed.

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Depends on what aircraft you want to mimic,
Unfortunately MSFS doesn’t support multiple monitors at the moment so outside visuals are stretched. There are plenty of home builders that show their progress on YouTube. Personally I use the centurion 270 as a start and I will go from there and build it up

His thread title was “I think I’m going to do it! FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2022!” so I’m guessing people thought he was planning on building a flight simulator, which seems to have been a pretty fair assumption based on the title.

But back on topic - OP, are you looking for a VR or physical cockpit?

If you’re going VR, pretty much all you need is a good rig, a decent headset (I think the G2 seems to be the most popular option among simmers), and a couple control interfaces. Personally, I’d get the Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo. Milan Flight Gear has great rudder pedals called the Crosswind - there’s also a hydraulic damper add-on that’d probably be worth the money.

For a physical cockpit, if you want immediate compatibility I’ve heard that an ultrawide curved monitor works great in MSFS. There is the classic 3-monitor option as well, although I don’t think we have full multi-monitor compatibility yet. I’d still recommend the Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo and MFG Crosswind V3, but you may want some Logitech panels as well. I believe they have a radio stack and individual round-dial units you can buy.

Of course, you’ll also need a place to mount them - not sure what’s good in that category, but if you search around for a sim pit it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that’ll work for you.

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What to do really depends on what you fly. Just keep in mind that if you build a cockpit for a particular plane type, you’re pretty much locked in to that plane and similar planes forever.

Hi guys, Sorry for the late response but just got out of hospital. ( Side note: Don’t go there, the food will kill you )
My idea that was not explained well at all… (Learned my lesson on being specific) was to build a home cockpit. I now realize that there is a forum for that so I will make a new post in that forum. Sorry for all the confusion. Thanks