Need tips on how to play FS 2020 in VR with Oculus Quest 2


Can someone help me with tips on how to play FS 2020 in VR mode with my Oculus Quest 2 headset.

I have search every where and cannot find detailed instructions on how to setup my headset to allow me to play in VR.

Thanks in advace,

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Check this two-part guide - it’ll give you good info. I too have a Quest 2. Just don’t expect incredibly clear switches and gauges.


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Thanks for the info but it didn’t help me at all.

When I connect my Oculus Quest 2 to my PC, the headset connects but after a minute it disconnects as soon as the Oculus VR App kicks in.

Note I have also installed OpenXR with no effect. When runninf FS 2020, if I click Ctrl + Tab I get a message No Headset Selected. Be aware I run Win 10.

Can you help me further?


What is your OS, video card, store version and method of connecting (Cable, Airlink or Virtual Desktop)?


My OS: Win10 Pro
Video Card: RTX 2060
Version: MS 2020 De Luxe for PC (Windows Store)
Connection: USB Port 3.0 cable ¨C¨ connector

Thanks for youe help

I’m not as familiar with the cable connection method but I’ve heard of issues related to some hardware or Windows 11.

Some have reported better luck with a powered USB hub.

There is also a prompt you may get asking to allow access when plugging in to USB. I think that is for direct file system access to the headset. I’ve heard to say no to that if connection for streaming.

Are you able to try Airlink?

Make sure you don’t have airlink enabled otherwise the cable connection won’t work.

Hi Michail,

My problem is a connection problem but I don’t know how to solve it. May be you can help me further by providing the following details.

I have tried this on two different PCs with the same result running Windows 10. When I connect my haeset to a USB 3.0 port, the haedset is detected as long as I leave it static on my desk. The second I wear it, I loose my USB connection and Oculus Home Screen launches on my haedset.

As for trying to use it via Airlink, I must admit I don’t know how to achieve this.

Is there a way to connect my haedset without launching the Oculus Home screen? When this Home Screen launches, this is when I loose my connection in the Oculus app. Is there a special sequence to play MSFS 2020 with that haedset? Example: Launch Oculus App first or last; launch FS 2020 first or last; launch OpenXr first or last !..

Thanks for helping

Hi Mike,

How do I disable Airlink.


Hey. You can follow these directions, if it’s disabled you can always try enabling it and try without a cord. Sounds like you might have a bad USB cord that loses connection to the headset.

Make sure to enable/disable on PC and headset.


I use a Quest 2 with link cable on Windows 10.
I use this process to play MSFS:

  1. Turn on my PC and log into Windows
  2. Turn on the Quest 2 (not plugged in yet, let it recognise my stationary guardian, and wait for it to show the default Quest 2 Home Screen).
  3. Take the headset off and plug in the link cable.
  4. Put the headset back on, and a message usually appears asking if I allow access to the Quest 2 (I always click yes/ok). The message then disappears and the normal Quest 2 menu/environment will appear.
  5. Then, using a controller I click settings (near the clock), then click on “link” on the right-hand side to activate the connection to my PC.
  6. Once it connects to the PC, I’m presented with a basic home environment and a dashboard of icons displayed across the bottom of the screen. Using a controller I click on the “desktop” icon (which is over near the bottom right-hand side). My computer screen then appears.
  7. I put down the controllers, and now using my mouse I open Oculus Debug Tool and make any VR adjustments I wish (e.g., bit rate, FOV)
  8. Then I launch MSFS and wait for it to load.
  9. I plan my flight in 2D, then click fly.
  10. When it loads the flight and prompts me to click fly, I press Cntrl-Tab instead on the keyboard, and it launches me into VR, ready to depart.

Note: before launching MSFS, be sure to check in the Oculus application on your PC, under general settings, that Oculus is set as the default openxr runtime. The app will usually prompt you if it’s not.

RE: dot point 5 - if it says airlink, that means your headset is trying to connect wirelessly to your PC. You need to disable the airlink feature in order to use the cable, which you can do on the headset via settings (it’s listed under experimental, or network. Sorry, I can’t quite recall which one exactly). If you get stuck let us know).


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Thanks for your reply.

I will follow your advise in a couple of days. I have to take a break for trying to configure that game before my wife start to leave me. LOL!



Smart prioritization.

I’m sort of thinking something might be wrong with the headset or Cable.

These are very good instructions and hopefully will help you find where the problem is. I would however suggest you do not use Oculus debug tool \ tray tool (step 7) to tweak anything before you have got it working with the default configuration.

You could also go into the Oculus app on pc and there is a function that tests the cable connection to the headset, this may confirm if there is a hardware problem there.


Thanks for your reply. Unfornutly all your advices did help me.

Step 5 confuses me. I can navigarete to the Settings using my controllers, but ounce in there I cannot spot a “link” button.

Every time I want to switch to VR, I get a message indicating NO HEADSET DETECTED despite I see it is in the Oculus app. I made several test using the Setup Device and it never fails. It shows a connection bandwith of 2Gbs. My Oculus OpenXr run time is set to oculus_openxr_64.json and the Oculus Debug Tool is set as follow:
FOV - Tangent Multiplier 0.7;0
Adaptive GPU performance Scale : Off
Asynchronous Space warp : Force 45 fps,ASW disabled
Distortion Curvature : low (try High if you have a big GPU)

Can you help me further. I am discouraged. I have been trying to run that game in VR for the last two months.

Do I have to disconnect from Wifi to run that game in VR?


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